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couldn't feel
paper cup

stupid pigions
buy her

inspired by
Lawrence Hall May 2017
Adventures with an Olivetti

(In which the scrivener violates his rule never to write in the first-person)

My bed was a Sears & Roebuck sleeping bag
And my world headquarters that old MG;
An Olivetti portable processed
My words, my fresh young words, that no one read

I owned more books than clothes, and only those few
That could be stowed in the passenger seat;
I fancied myself the new Rod McKuen
And I wasn’t - but I remember the road

When the world was new, adventures every day
And I miss that - but mattresses are nice
Bella May 2014
I see you in my dreams
You're magnetic
I'm drawn to you and we fit like a puzzle
But only in my dreams
In reality, I'm not sure you know my name
I see stars when we kiss
And can't control my hands
But only in my dreams
In reality, we've hardly spoken
I could hold you forever
I could watch the moon in your eyes until God calls us to him
But only in  my dreams
In reality, you don't think of me at all
I'm in love with you
But only in my dreams

— The End —