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Apple juice May 27
Donโ€™t you remember the bruised knees
and those damm hickeys
thatโ€™d almost leave you bleeding?
Every lick that tasted of candy
with the biting that left your lip with plumped red swelling?
Plus every squeeze that stopped your breathing?
You could open your eyes wide
only to have them roll back inside.
When gentle and nice were put aside
because letโ€™s face it
thereโ€™s a much better way
to have a good time.
Werenโ€™t those the days!?
When pain was THE gain.
Playing lifeโ€™s good ole f u k i n game
with your playing piece
in between its teeth
that bit down with anything but ease.
Iโ€™ve played life the game
because who needs to be in love these days?
We used pain as an escape
since we were dumb
because thatโ€™s what we called it..
We called it โ€œloveโ€
โ€˜Oh but wasnโ€™t that love?โ€™
No, it was pain
and itโ€™s all the same
now in days, so I kinda liked it that way.
We learned to yearn the pain because our minds turned our blind eyes away from what was really in the way of our growing brains.
Devan Ducasse Jan 2018
Date a girl with daddy issues
And youโ€™ll be in your bliss
Tie her up and call her ****
And intoxicate her with your kiss

She doesnโ€™t like it soft
And she doesnโ€™t like it sweet
She wants markings on her body
And ropes around her feet

Give her lots of kisses
And tell her how bad she is
She wants to hear that sheโ€™s a worthless *****
And her hair to end up in a frizz

But be careful with what you do
And what you see isnโ€™t always what you get
She has deep dark down issues
That she is trying to forget

She wants to moan louder
And for you to call her names
Because the more noise there is
The less she can hear her mind in flames

So make sure to be loud
And donโ€™t be scared to get *****
Anything you can do to make her forget
Will leave her wrapped up around your pinkie

Sheโ€™ll tell you theres no reason
As to why she wants it this way
But in reality, she knows
That this may be a reason why youโ€™ll stay

She hates herself
Much more than youโ€™ll ever think
She has bandages all around her body
And pages filled with ink

So when you date a girl with daddy issues
Youโ€™ll be in your bliss
She will make you feel less broken
And intoxicate you with her kiss
Marc Hawkins Sep 2017
The cave, a discovered diary.
Rock walls, pages of history.
Etchings and markings
A social commentary,
Buried for an eternity.

Lost in a melee
Of storms and hurricanes
And earthquakes shaking.
Depictions of life,
Of civilization in the making.
Messages chiseled
With muscle and blood,
Signs of existence
Where communities once stood
And thrived on the need
Of food through labours,
The skies, the trees
Their pagan saviours.
Dark rains that poured
Before the construction of Zion,
The shifting of contours,
The shaping of horizons.

Art: the first form
Of true communication.
The observing of omens
Through pictorial narration.
Lessons unlearned,
Warnings unheeded
From a time when the promise
Of future was seeded.
Histories left to benefit man
Before possession was borne
And conflict began.

A legacy left, designed by tribes
From an ancient time
For narrators and scribes.
Their duty to record
An ever-changing world
Through parchment and pigment
And the spoken word,
For future species
Of woman and man
To strategise survival,
To project and to plan.
Knowledge more likely
To be buried, interred,
Then discovered too late
For lessons to be learned

Copyright Marc Hawkins 2017
Feliz G Feb 2017
Meaningless lines on my wrist,
I suppose is what you'd think.
Foolish, these markings mean much more than "immaturity",
A lot more, if you cared to listen.
If only you took a step back to look at the bigger picture.
It speaks a lot, doesn't it?
You're just afraid of what you don't understand.
Fun to walk around with lines on your wrist, says the things you can't say.

— The End —