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Norbert Tasev Jan 2022
In dazzling winter, like a cowardly creeping animal, with padlock-dreamed dreams, he waits in silence for helping friends, but no one comforts him! Preserved fear sits in the depths of desperate hearts, and ladies, paraded ladies laugh at their polite chivalry when they greet them with hand kisses! His future is still confused; they were carried full of fog and the opportunities for him to prosper were stolen from under his feet! He would roar, almost so wounded by his humiliation shake, but his mouth would turn blue into the fall of silent shackled tears!
He lives here as a strange herald; just referring to yourself! Dagger-raised business hands raise a dagger against it, even the coolers tread the trajectory of in ambush! As a begging vulnerable, he loses his fertile silence in a storm of misunderstanding; it has broken its way with words that have become rotten, vile mortality is fighting for itself and many are entering into their everyday bribery! Happiness will be a guest of Happiness even on night-long nights! "With a destiny-closed soul, you must always enter this calculating world on your own and know if you are burning a candle from two halves, if you cannot step through the steps of a needle!" Like the treacherous orphanage of willow trees - a shivering fear overwhelmed who feared this World with fear!
Benevolent shadows in the Universe bend like dark petals, their digestive trust is fueled by omniscient Loyalty! A translucent drawing will be set in stone for many useless dreams; pure instinct will protect your being like another bastion extreme! "With free faith, though, it can be just a silent point," he stumbles further and further.
Norbert Tasev Dec 2021
Where will you hide if the iron hands of raging gorillas get stuck in grabs and you break out of this time forever because there will be no one next to you ?! What kind of Soul pulsation, lost drum can drift anyway? Which of your face shadows is soaking in the water of haunting nights? Are you constantly terrified that the danger is complimenting you in your uncertain world ?! "There's no ringing in the firewall of hell for the eternal losers!" Your body orbits in a dream bay like a mutilated planetary continent, and when the spikes of insidious thorn bushes pinch, even the Angels laugh!
You know, a calculated moment of loss can surround you at any moment and devour your wounded Soul! You should look for your Underground Sun radiating within you even more boldly! The unreal in the Present amazes you! Ever since I feared the Cassandras-Report; you can't hide anywhere with your merciful gaze! Phantom pain throbs on the cochlea of my throat and in the headwinds, Fate! "The cheap little world becomes a *******!"
In Adam's costume, I would honestly stand before the Beloved: Would you accept ?! The molecular gates of besieged Eden should not be taken possession of as a colony of cheap wars! Your dreams are spurred daily to return to the ruthless reality with caracan! We mirror by blurred in black and white! Your bamboo hand worships knives when you bite into the Universe! You know: in the face of the very Hyenas Age, the "no more" instinct is in check! - Your faithful items will be waiting for you when everyone else has left.
Norbert Tasev Dec 2021
A single superstitious deer can fit an entire human life! A star shining like a glory in the darkness left alone! The humanity of moments pierces into enchanting gazes and argues with immortal Love! We see tiny swan ducks appear in the silent future, and certainty stretches between trembling lips: a talkative army of faces rushes through the tactile fabric of Time! Already all of them are bragging! It jeopardizes every request and every sequel! Falling always leads close to ourselves! Tons of heavy loads sit on our shoulders; our urgent years just don’t rest!
The Memory will also be an endless, silent caravan if the given minute calls! Peeping, finite lines are rearranged into the Arc s with Time-intersecting folds! Everyone can be a child-adult again if they don’t know the rules of survival! Hurricanes of fate come together and always come back! The invisible Truth culminates with true tears! - In the superstitious mirror of eyes, when all the illuminating, proud flames go out, deep-water mud peaks! Crowded madness washes away the interests of the worldly sensation! Man can be tired if he is vulnerable soon!
I am embraced by myself, human law, and it does not leak - crushed into colors, retained Promises my confidence and tomorrow! I still have to face recurring, threatening days anyway; the eternal friendship can still keep a vigilant separation from Being! In immortal throbbing sighs, it would still be good to believe hopefully; aloof, for human luck if you can boldly turn your back! Smile: a conqueror of tamed, small pleasures, can you return to the gray ordinary?!
Norbert Tasev Dec 2021
If they giggle for a long time, have fun, I quit Life without charge! They are beating flowering nails into my Heart of Calvary, which is constantly dropping petals! Toxic strands grow under my damaged skin; jackals are also matching killer laughter destroying my inherited cells! An understanding conversation depends on the nature of the day; i stop in one place like a chubby celestial body! The hardness of the Spirit goes hand in hand with the garbage roasting that is rooted in the World!
Cause and effect breaks the connections of the intellect into parts; and the prophets who have negotiated with themselves can scarcely shout, "How have we come this far?" - The lowly pains of bullet-hit wounds cannot be reconciled; between the avant-garde liturgy, the Human Man should learn to think again! There can be no more stakes in self-deception! Claustrophobic blood clots are pathogens on the plateau of my brain, like a million-year-old solid plaster! Between dams and ramparts, like a grundy little child, I wake up alarmed to the Real!
The question of “how to proceed?” Is in doubt and threatens suicide! The scam of Life immediately awakens; nausea avoids the bulk seances of many obscene curses! Murderous careers are pushing each other and they will soon be trampled on early! They looked like friends, loyal Strangers holding out their hands! - The scary vase of Life, which faces daily, has survived; stigma-beard grows on my face with the non-negotiable Hermit!
The organs allow an infarction-barrier ban in front of the mouth of bumps! - Fumigable critiques s and repeated Executioners of Executioner trophies! Is there still a way out of the tunnel to hell, or is it just me imagining?
Norbert Tasev Nov 2021
A pre-dancer would be carved out of me in vain by the faded, sloppy World: a jerky cord! A flattered prophet and a witty eccentric, I would rather never bargain with his selfish laws if they sounded! Let the rebels breathe without me! In the open, many times I still feel bribed by my dreaded fear! As a startled little boy, I am already ashamed to go among the people who keep promising! As a disillusioned light, I would look for my prosperity, who if thrown out the door isn’t sure it will climb back out the window yet!
The insidious eyeball of blindfolders flashes like a loot and strikes every second; double handshake often turns into strife when there is no Eris nearby! - I ***** in the ambiguous obscurity as a stray dog and I have to beg for the pondros that have taken on human faces: "It would be good to gain experience and expertise as a friendly favor!" "One fateful day, I will eagerly be my own destiny and a compromised accomplice with a terrible organization!" The world is already facing slow motion warping; I would wait awkwardly for the right moment so that the flame of the Universe minutes could wink at me again!
As an unwanted payer, can the captivity of elevator shafts be left to mine alone?! Incompetent weakness surprises him by surprise; no one cares about my cared limbs! Silent, konok interest strains me and recreates my imagined dreams every day! I enter the crater of unknown moon courts in a spacesuit body and I can no longer bother that my worn shoes will smell at most! Soft intrigue, konok closure is gradually following me! Even now, as an adult, I imagine my precious Time to be spent with my loved ones!
The camp of the disabled did not help to find new opportunities! - Wandering mortals thrive selfishly into the gaping cavities of piles
Norbert Tasev Nov 2021
Now the ***** lantern light washes around in one place: my vulnerable orphanage follows the footsteps of my legs silently, following with faithfulness as a Shadow! I would put my trust in True-Eternal friendships like one who hopes for comfort from others! Their donor conversation could be a redemptive balm in an alley-smelling state of despair; I would cling to my fingers with barely known chivalrous virtues as I kneel before the Dear and send the encrypted telepaths of words out of my eyes to my petal-heart: Do you still love me?!
Our treasure-laden existence begins to fade if we only see what the insidious, biflowering mass culture projects before our eyes! In the house of fame, perfect happiness still lives on: flattening sneezing who only waits for the *******'s vulnerability to sacrifice herself daily on the altar of her prosperity! Tabloid newspapers and TV shows need to be taught about the juicy scandal that has befallen daily scandals - the more rubbed have been able to learn this for a long time!
Special attention is given to those who show off their puffy, fuller charms and alternate their passions like others in worn-out lingerie! "I have to hesitate to step into the scattered, twisted light, because I'm really just a scared kid in the adult playground realm!" I keep balancing s Get up like Jancsik I swing for myself! Sizzling envyes are still peeking at me with increasingly killer jealousy and I begin to murmur myself to the well-deep echoes of myself: will there still be Someone for whom I would also travel to the Moon if our destinies crossed the other?
Norbert Tasev Nov 2021
Sooner or later, everyone on the kies island of Loneliness will be forced to reckon with their sentences! Alpha s Omega starts from the center of human colonized law and quickly crashes into the fidelity of the heart; uglier work can hardly exist than Betrayal! Reason-nourished intellect degrades into a aggravated obstacle course; devastating Alzheimer's phlegm, bred **** soon reaches! Five-minute-famous Celebs host and dream singer careers in business!
Everyone who has been offended many times is enveloped and finally immersed in his self-mutilating thoughts! Instead of tiny puddles, I should have sprinkled fresh dew on my soul wounds; fist deposits and crater colonies formed in my heart basin, they started to puncture! Dead Sea sand looks into my eyes, maybe you can still feel compassionate with ***** pains! I deliberately became a Shadow Friend myself and broke away from companies!
Let the social life of new chirping ***** be organized only in peace - but without me! The lie and the sound of the roast pigeon promise began to gain weight in every member! My painful leakage can no longer be opened to anyone and ruptured enough! Convincing improvisation - fearful - may no longer be enough for this world today! Ghost hotel specialists give birth to this land; a developing country is in a deliberate coma in the middle of Europe! The camp of the top ten thousand melancholy is suddenly growing and common sense norms are immediately overridden by Star **** s and Celeb idiocy!
Cheap kitsch pushes the boundaries that everyone wants to be a singer and presenter already, and he talks at English in slang-spotted talent scouts! - Androgynous oligarchs are already money producers; in which they cannot sniff the smell of success with sharp instincts, they soon shovel it! What an everyday loss of prestige in seconds!
Norbert Tasev Oct 2021
It seems like a single transition between Order and Chaos; with burning, violet-branched eyes, the Universe winkes, while the other closes his superstitious eyes and seeks order in his expelled brain! In the depths of the Spirit, one who seeks conscious cognition can sweep with romance! Between tear-jerking, heart-cherishing moments, any eye optics can fool you when you see with an open-hearted non-soul! After all, everything can permeate the sure One-emotion of love in everyone's petal-heart must be an aphrodisiac!
His name-no leaves a clown-boy mask on his face; who has been repeatedly vulnerable to the blows of the Storms of Being, repeatedly reluctant to burn himself and rather accepting hermit impotence in order to be able to fend off petty, useless calculations for sure! Whose being constantly courtes the fearful heart of the Universe is shattered by interest-centeredness! The two soul-*****, which perceive vigilantly under our foreheads and guard carefully from their sockets at once, only jump out of their truth as a sincere lost witness to the Truth!
Happiness can also be hibernated! If not merely submissive, they are judged by Judas kisses, because every Soul mirror is deliberately blinded when exposed to sunlight, and therefore it is a difficult task to boldly touch the sandy-girly essence of vanished but recallable childhoods under icing, ultra-hot Goddess bodies! "Perhaps that's why I was a pessimistic witness to this phlegmatic superficial existence!"
Behind crowded, happy detail puzzles, I penetrated to the greedy roots of the depression base; the unity of details broken in the kaleidoscope of dreams also reassembles at any time! We bathe in the fire of flammable passions when you can feel the true reality of our naked non-being and find yourself worthy
Norbert Tasev Oct 2021
Swell, waving like a swell, a comic sail in our wind-saturated body is the privilege: Prosperity! Make-up, suddenly deliberate naivety between adult chirps Dreamland deception sets a fur trap! Anyone can be hit by an overbearing and light-hearted blow, yet the true Man is the one who is hurt! In the midst of everyday mother-daughter worries, the one who always looks at the future can think of the worries! He who hides, who does not breed usurers in a purposeful way from Life himself, whose unpaid debts remain!
Child-mothers sin with incubator-angels for their inaction, dreading to recognize in the open gates of the Universe the consequences and blood offense if the acute, hot macho guy does not hide in bed with them for the first night of immortality and shame! How many angel deposits are made for them, their parents' sins are also properly repaid: heirs to the throne are irresponsible, so they are born into the swamp!
Why don't Alamuszi try to make bronze-brown-stained, **** bombshell goddesses with anyone, when they know and feel that they may once be the most apt family fathers?! The trick that counts all the tricks of modern seducers is just what a narrow runway can advertise alone! - Sweating in the body armor is intentionally avoided s Prohibited! The universal distillation of oblivion may not be so easy! All the top best of stylists are there just to disguise the sacred truth:
sleepless eye-stars would prefer to sleep rather than the vigilant desire of dazzling spotlights! - The juicy fruit offered on a tray is carried by the mother's breast and yet by a death-scared little girl
Norbert Tasev Oct 2021
Because in all the insidious cases, it is a home-based canteen of soul-killing, mind-boggling, headache cats! Ordinary alcohol - s gossip clouds billowing at jaccudzi parties filling the court fools! The dog-flash game of dog comedies is followed by more and more popular fun! The vulnerable man is already prostituting himself! There is also a shadow over the ****** ***** gates of the Universe; diligent *** fleas fatten greedy greedy and insatiable elephants!
Lurking-polite idle boys can always stay on the go! he jerks into an unspeakable deep stack who wakes up to a sobering daze without the love of Loyalty! Ordas-whimsical merriment-pleasures are combined with incredible creativity! - The legitimate V.I.P. sense of life is concreted into the public consciousness as an unbreakable shell! Appearance The shores of America are still moving further and further away from a hundred-year lag prospect! They perform a complete power outage in tangled brains! The whole ruction always starts with a selfish leech attachment!
Can everyone just become a cheap toy in the hands of bad guys?! Slave-fought billion-dollar ******* dives play with each other as uninitiated silk chipendale boys! Their player veins are getting hotter and more unquenchable! Wild cats rattling on command and ringing their chains can easily become tamed kittens! In their Haddelhadd memories you can hardly find anyone who could show understanding empathy for little boy sadness! - The kneaded addict does not voluntarily consume performance-enhancing steroids; in stripped-down animalized instincts it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the True and Sincere happiness of this tiny existence
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