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Norbert Tasev Oct 2021
The order of power has long been established in the world! The One should have been protected from the dangers lurking in it; in the depths of his soul he is still quite stubborn, defenseless! As an exposed, orphaned child, all his pathetic pain was already felt inside: the stigma slogans of serial humiliations, terrorsita threats, as well as the permission of the majority to be ******! His dream sediment, his filthy gossip, would keep him awake, and yet he would always wake him up!
Troubled forgetful killer-accomplices also betrayed their Comrade Loyalty, and in the crossfire of trusting gazes there was always a series of body anxiety and self-confidence shrinkage! The same hardly forgettable complicity can be found in joke-telling; there is also a festive, ceremonial intimacy among the humiliating beatings, and with their sacrifices bleeding during murderous-joking awakenings, they grinned on their lips with a hyena grin on their lips! "I'll change my little fingers three times before I cling to them!" I would still be stuck in a chubby wall stuck in a mousetrap if I left it still!
The touching series of chatter-stumbles is repeated several times a day; my little track bothering is already pathetically disappointing at the same time! Where do they have preservable, eternal Friendships who could once be counted on?! Selfish error rates have already skyrocketed! It is still easier to smile on the side of all-time superiority than to make suggestions for changes! - You can consciously suspect traps who are seduced by the underworldly smell of gigs: nowhere's whims can be defended even more easily if the methods provided are taught! Someone upstairs is still having a great time…
Norbert Tasev Oct 2021
Maybe the Central I have long lost from my horizon? The pounding of superstitious kisses was locked in cold heart chambers by a careerist-fear, and it would have been good to cross the borders of the border crossing with a common will! We only deceived ourselves for time or hours; I can hardly take my mischievous case! I could only be big-saying because I was really scared of infected lies! - The seamless threads were tangled between our budding fingers! "My donkey ladder was broken halfway and I couldn't crawl up and down!"
The achievements of modern psychiatry cannot reassure them in their problem solving and it cannot be just a clear, common practice just stripped scratched scars, which can break up again! Filled with a tear-jerking desire for peace, I wanted to start the relief process once, and then I could watch big ones! My bald headdress hairstyle was not appreciated by anyone; wash your hands of the never-before-hairdresser who I am grimacing with grace flirting with little boy reflections! - Stay awake: Reserve and busy so I can be in a losing game! Human teasers have always had the Iron Tooth of Time!
Those who are more edible than me are already destroying and humiliating each other: already scribbling in a line in my Deadline Diary, munching in the insect world, instead of being diligent, naive ant-breaking crickets! "In time, as a hermit, I somehow enter the world: my humanity would still be obliged to maintain secrecy!" - In my vulnerable soul, selfish, withdrawal symptoms are already showing! I know: as a patient witness, they stopped paying all kinds of danger supplements for my humanity!
Norbert Tasev Sep 2021
A forgiving grin embedded in a smiling chubby face is nothing foreign: I would feel every heartbeat and gesture! Deep layers that testify beneath our faces settle because Beauty can come from within! We walk piously into the precarious Nirvana-Nothing without a compass! Pure human calculation flirting with whistling smiles and who has unlimited credit card usability can only be a hit! Honesty could even be more vulnerable than a decipherable keyword, which might even be worth clinging to! Do you perish yourself, who thinks you are wise and turns away from the possibilities that can be set?!
An upcoming exhibition often warns, "Get to know yourself and don't go back!" - The profitable silence swells among the writhing, panther-body exotic flower threads! - Smiling, the Witness of the Ladder still stops! Walking the highway of Tense Times; it often grieves over recallable minutes! In the channels of writhing souls, when the tricky holy stream of True Pearls breaks for itself, in all cases honesty trembles and confesses, which can even be believed!
Between torn fibers like a red-petal, the Heart breaks and bleeds in a throbbing thump when Love also becomes a traitor! Can an eternal thought-emotion wrestling with time still persist when everyone has become a sanda caress of interest relationships?! - Even tiny, graceful movements may have a rare artistic power; a pair of eyes begging among the struggling shadows would seek refuge, and in times of zero-empathy-tolerance trample the childish self out of the still-squatting darkness still silently squatting in darkness!
He will look wolf-eyed in the wake of a shipwreck-chased shipwreck in the wake of cobor winds.
Norbert Tasev Sep 2021
The afternoon dream, as a selfish, inner corridor, always connects the deep dissolution, the remorse that begins to take root! The hell-fatigues of daily cramps torment the formula of a writhing-throbbing body! On the catacomb pitfalls of awake consciousness, the man of Sisyphus easily falls! It is guarded by a hidden, childish creature that is also deliberately hidden by the shade of balsamic sunlight! As an eccentric passenger of a spiritual shuttle, Nirvana's flower gaze is strained by Man every day!
Slowly, you can only thrive in a world of tumbled tabloid shows! In declining days, it would have been better to weave butterflies from rainbow butterflies and preserve the Hearts of Loyalty as silk of throbbing petals! "In the colorful collection of button-pounding, wretched miserable, modest cabbage butterflies are drawn just like the traitors!" The mind, like a hot volcano, is constantly swallowing, grinding the weight of our thoughts to itself, as the waste **** is already accumulating in all of us!
Magma under construction is in danger of explosion! You've tensed to gnashing your teeth so far, when they're just tossing you with curse words and unworthy deeds! "We should be weightless in the air, even when others are chained!" Being, as a faulty, eternal restraint, devours itself in moderation! Weekly swallowing tolerance is already a nasty refraction: in the craters of your ears, silence drums at melancholy beats!
Your creature trembles, panting, while your rattling machine brain is already clicking! We explain the neck-breaking hairpin bends of our lives with the traps of our own traitor! A weak, hesitant toddler in a watchful pear light always took me aside
Norbert Tasev Sep 2021
It cuts into my face the immutable fact of Time as it has passed, the pre-ordained Coal-Lack, the life-giving presence — the Uncertain! When, stepping out of the door of security, he stumbles upon the *****, rattling structure of my limp-strong thunder-wind limbs! My non-selfish self-giving is dulling, much more the lack of opportunities to be offered again! I was busy with daily evening questions! A dubious experience lurks between my long-running fears and then re-emerging fears, exercising his limbs like the wild lurking on the column!
A stifling awakening also deepens in aborted moments when I have already successfully postponed everything! The daytime period is handing out half-dreams graciously, and can’t wait to get bitten into it by yawning! In the night, both the counting and the vigilant shadow begin to feverishly ponder! Slowly, sneezing, the restrained will also hides in my heart! An old, stifled movement is more of a selfish burden on everyone! Our shadows, if we don't take care of ourselves, pass on to others without a word!
Beyond the memories of the body, continents of storms are raging! When twisting desires pressed us as a stamp of Loyalty?! Stunned and sobbing, none of them dared to break to the top; among the galactic excuses of hated pasts, we all somehow hurried through! - The punishment imposed pays with poor naivety! Even on a planned night, it is often the case that geller falls into one reckoning! Everyone can feel the depleting moons that account for life on their own skin! The thread of yesterday - maybe - just shatters between our memories! How many missing-healing stitches are needed to heal wounds?
Norbert Tasev Sep 2021
Shamelessly long-successful procrastination of Being again! Remaining intent and will are already out of print! Some don’t care what a ****** percentage of reward-kitsch s wall! Out of cowardice, when it comes to everyone’s pathetic life, beware of color signs! What we wanted to be different seems like selfish goals on the junk horizon! The end of the track doesn't interest many enough, and everyone is wrong if they think the strange calm will come from within the Spirit!
As we grow up, we are constantly confident that we can survive our childhoods! Every memory of the past is slowly disappearing like a grain of wheat rolled out! Can a superstitious, whisper of love still flow into our honestly listening ears?! Or is it just all this incapable, alamus fad?!

The light petals are still chasing someone else’s ash-blush! "As a rear-view mirror, you should look into each other's research-alert eyes one last time, discover what the other is most interested in!" In infinite Time, a small man trembles many times before himself, trembling; clowning and self-pity in the conscience is sure to fit! Defense lies in every attack! The calculated cowards of retreats often hair each other!
Loyalty is still leaking from dripping wounds! Everyone is just walking through the Congo rooms of Being.
Norbert Tasev Sep 2021
Every selfish annihilation in prideful, lived in insult, continues and makes an insidious trap! I always look back at the sad little boy's face in horror, hiding in slender, cracked mirror fragments, and I want to protect the trapped, lasting fear as well! As a growling worm, anyone tramples the limits of my wound; I could never back down again! Thin little shards of Judas moonshine hurt my skin when a balmy moonlight trembles hauntingly on the prison wall of my room! Rested, my troubled, million-wounded, perforated heart in the two eyes of heaven found in happiness!
It would be good to tremble together into deep, raven-feathered broomstick lashes and my frightened pagan soul would chuckle in the redemptions of kisses! "I'm still intentionally playing the naive navel among adults!" As a good Hamlet, I would only be available for humanity! My soul would wish for the donations of compassion and brass, not even my residual reserve pride will be forgotten! You should have learned by all from rich-eyes dripping-honey ditches lit up; I keep packing in and out already pathetic myself!
You can only thrive in outdoor churn confusion with a healthy umbilical cord, which is still waiting back and forth! Anyone can see with melancholy eyes I dared to stare at human races! My own donkey skin figure is ready yet I can't sell myself! "I filter the details of the dust particles through myself - even in daylight they can only see them if I want to!" The only goal may remain to preserve the goodness of Man in recurring, damaging events.

— The End —