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Dec 2021
Where will you hide if the iron hands of raging gorillas get stuck in grabs and you break out of this time forever because there will be no one next to you ?! What kind of Soul pulsation, lost drum can drift anyway? Which of your face shadows is soaking in the water of haunting nights? Are you constantly terrified that the danger is complimenting you in your uncertain world ?! "There's no ringing in the firewall of hell for the eternal losers!" Your body orbits in a dream bay like a mutilated planetary continent, and when the spikes of insidious thorn bushes pinch, even the Angels laugh!
You know, a calculated moment of loss can surround you at any moment and devour your wounded Soul! You should look for your Underground Sun radiating within you even more boldly! The unreal in the Present amazes you! Ever since I feared the Cassandras-Report; you can't hide anywhere with your merciful gaze! Phantom pain throbs on the cochlea of my throat and in the headwinds, Fate! "The cheap little world becomes a *******!"
In Adam's costume, I would honestly stand before the Beloved: Would you accept ?! The molecular gates of besieged Eden should not be taken possession of as a colony of cheap wars! Your dreams are spurred daily to return to the ruthless reality with caracan! We mirror by blurred in black and white! Your bamboo hand worships knives when you bite into the Universe! You know: in the face of the very Hyenas Age, the "no more" instinct is in check! - Your faithful items will be waiting for you when everyone else has left.
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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