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Jan 2022
In dazzling winter, like a cowardly creeping animal, with padlock-dreamed dreams, he waits in silence for helping friends, but no one comforts him! Preserved fear sits in the depths of desperate hearts, and ladies, paraded ladies laugh at their polite chivalry when they greet them with hand kisses! His future is still confused; they were carried full of fog and the opportunities for him to prosper were stolen from under his feet! He would roar, almost so wounded by his humiliation shake, but his mouth would turn blue into the fall of silent shackled tears!
He lives here as a strange herald; just referring to yourself! Dagger-raised business hands raise a dagger against it, even the coolers tread the trajectory of in ambush! As a begging vulnerable, he loses his fertile silence in a storm of misunderstanding; it has broken its way with words that have become rotten, vile mortality is fighting for itself and many are entering into their everyday bribery! Happiness will be a guest of Happiness even on night-long nights! "With a destiny-closed soul, you must always enter this calculating world on your own and know if you are burning a candle from two halves, if you cannot step through the steps of a needle!" Like the treacherous orphanage of willow trees - a shivering fear overwhelmed who feared this World with fear!
Benevolent shadows in the Universe bend like dark petals, their digestive trust is fueled by omniscient Loyalty! A translucent drawing will be set in stone for many useless dreams; pure instinct will protect your being like another bastion extreme! "With free faith, though, it can be just a silent point," he stumbles further and further.
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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