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Oct 2021
It seems like a single transition between Order and Chaos; with burning, violet-branched eyes, the Universe winkes, while the other closes his superstitious eyes and seeks order in his expelled brain! In the depths of the Spirit, one who seeks conscious cognition can sweep with romance! Between tear-jerking, heart-cherishing moments, any eye optics can fool you when you see with an open-hearted non-soul! After all, everything can permeate the sure One-emotion of love in everyone's petal-heart must be an aphrodisiac!
His name-no leaves a clown-boy mask on his face; who has been repeatedly vulnerable to the blows of the Storms of Being, repeatedly reluctant to burn himself and rather accepting hermit impotence in order to be able to fend off petty, useless calculations for sure! Whose being constantly courtes the fearful heart of the Universe is shattered by interest-centeredness! The two soul-*****, which perceive vigilantly under our foreheads and guard carefully from their sockets at once, only jump out of their truth as a sincere lost witness to the Truth!
Happiness can also be hibernated! If not merely submissive, they are judged by Judas kisses, because every Soul mirror is deliberately blinded when exposed to sunlight, and therefore it is a difficult task to boldly touch the sandy-girly essence of vanished but recallable childhoods under icing, ultra-hot Goddess bodies! "Perhaps that's why I was a pessimistic witness to this phlegmatic superficial existence!"
Behind crowded, happy detail puzzles, I penetrated to the greedy roots of the depression base; the unity of details broken in the kaleidoscope of dreams also reassembles at any time! We bathe in the fire of flammable passions when you can feel the true reality of our naked non-being and find yourself worthy
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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