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Nov 2021
A pre-dancer would be carved out of me in vain by the faded, sloppy World: a jerky cord! A flattered prophet and a witty eccentric, I would rather never bargain with his selfish laws if they sounded! Let the rebels breathe without me! In the open, many times I still feel bribed by my dreaded fear! As a startled little boy, I am already ashamed to go among the people who keep promising! As a disillusioned light, I would look for my prosperity, who if thrown out the door isn’t sure it will climb back out the window yet!
The insidious eyeball of blindfolders flashes like a loot and strikes every second; double handshake often turns into strife when there is no Eris nearby! - I ***** in the ambiguous obscurity as a stray dog and I have to beg for the pondros that have taken on human faces: "It would be good to gain experience and expertise as a friendly favor!" "One fateful day, I will eagerly be my own destiny and a compromised accomplice with a terrible organization!" The world is already facing slow motion warping; I would wait awkwardly for the right moment so that the flame of the Universe minutes could wink at me again!
As an unwanted payer, can the captivity of elevator shafts be left to mine alone?! Incompetent weakness surprises him by surprise; no one cares about my cared limbs! Silent, konok interest strains me and recreates my imagined dreams every day! I enter the crater of unknown moon courts in a spacesuit body and I can no longer bother that my worn shoes will smell at most! Soft intrigue, konok closure is gradually following me! Even now, as an adult, I imagine my precious Time to be spent with my loved ones!
The camp of the disabled did not help to find new opportunities! - Wandering mortals thrive selfishly into the gaping cavities of piles
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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