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Dec 2021
If they giggle for a long time, have fun, I quit Life without charge! They are beating flowering nails into my Heart of Calvary, which is constantly dropping petals! Toxic strands grow under my damaged skin; jackals are also matching killer laughter destroying my inherited cells! An understanding conversation depends on the nature of the day; i stop in one place like a chubby celestial body! The hardness of the Spirit goes hand in hand with the garbage roasting that is rooted in the World!
Cause and effect breaks the connections of the intellect into parts; and the prophets who have negotiated with themselves can scarcely shout, "How have we come this far?" - The lowly pains of bullet-hit wounds cannot be reconciled; between the avant-garde liturgy, the Human Man should learn to think again! There can be no more stakes in self-deception! Claustrophobic blood clots are pathogens on the plateau of my brain, like a million-year-old solid plaster! Between dams and ramparts, like a grundy little child, I wake up alarmed to the Real!
The question of “how to proceed?” Is in doubt and threatens suicide! The scam of Life immediately awakens; nausea avoids the bulk seances of many obscene curses! Murderous careers are pushing each other and they will soon be trampled on early! They looked like friends, loyal Strangers holding out their hands! - The scary vase of Life, which faces daily, has survived; stigma-beard grows on my face with the non-negotiable Hermit!
The organs allow an infarction-barrier ban in front of the mouth of bumps! - Fumigable critiques s and repeated Executioners of Executioner trophies! Is there still a way out of the tunnel to hell, or is it just me imagining?
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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