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Nov 2021
Now the ***** lantern light washes around in one place: my vulnerable orphanage follows the footsteps of my legs silently, following with faithfulness as a Shadow! I would put my trust in True-Eternal friendships like one who hopes for comfort from others! Their donor conversation could be a redemptive balm in an alley-smelling state of despair; I would cling to my fingers with barely known chivalrous virtues as I kneel before the Dear and send the encrypted telepaths of words out of my eyes to my petal-heart: Do you still love me?!
Our treasure-laden existence begins to fade if we only see what the insidious, biflowering mass culture projects before our eyes! In the house of fame, perfect happiness still lives on: flattening sneezing who only waits for the *******'s vulnerability to sacrifice herself daily on the altar of her prosperity! Tabloid newspapers and TV shows need to be taught about the juicy scandal that has befallen daily scandals - the more rubbed have been able to learn this for a long time!
Special attention is given to those who show off their puffy, fuller charms and alternate their passions like others in worn-out lingerie! "I have to hesitate to step into the scattered, twisted light, because I'm really just a scared kid in the adult playground realm!" I keep balancing s Get up like Jancsik I swing for myself! Sizzling envyes are still peeking at me with increasingly killer jealousy and I begin to murmur myself to the well-deep echoes of myself: will there still be Someone for whom I would also travel to the Moon if our destinies crossed the other?
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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