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Oct 2021
Because in all the insidious cases, it is a home-based canteen of soul-killing, mind-boggling, headache cats! Ordinary alcohol - s gossip clouds billowing at jaccudzi parties filling the court fools! The dog-flash game of dog comedies is followed by more and more popular fun! The vulnerable man is already prostituting himself! There is also a shadow over the ****** ***** gates of the Universe; diligent *** fleas fatten greedy greedy and insatiable elephants!
Lurking-polite idle boys can always stay on the go! he jerks into an unspeakable deep stack who wakes up to a sobering daze without the love of Loyalty! Ordas-whimsical merriment-pleasures are combined with incredible creativity! - The legitimate V.I.P. sense of life is concreted into the public consciousness as an unbreakable shell! Appearance The shores of America are still moving further and further away from a hundred-year lag prospect! They perform a complete power outage in tangled brains! The whole ruction always starts with a selfish leech attachment!
Can everyone just become a cheap toy in the hands of bad guys?! Slave-fought billion-dollar ******* dives play with each other as uninitiated silk chipendale boys! Their player veins are getting hotter and more unquenchable! Wild cats rattling on command and ringing their chains can easily become tamed kittens! In their Haddelhadd memories you can hardly find anyone who could show understanding empathy for little boy sadness! - The kneaded addict does not voluntarily consume performance-enhancing steroids; in stripped-down animalized instincts it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the True and Sincere happiness of this tiny existence
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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