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Dec 2021
A single superstitious deer can fit an entire human life! A star shining like a glory in the darkness left alone! The humanity of moments pierces into enchanting gazes and argues with immortal Love! We see tiny swan ducks appear in the silent future, and certainty stretches between trembling lips: a talkative army of faces rushes through the tactile fabric of Time! Already all of them are bragging! It jeopardizes every request and every sequel! Falling always leads close to ourselves! Tons of heavy loads sit on our shoulders; our urgent years just don’t rest!
The Memory will also be an endless, silent caravan if the given minute calls! Peeping, finite lines are rearranged into the Arc s with Time-intersecting folds! Everyone can be a child-adult again if they don’t know the rules of survival! Hurricanes of fate come together and always come back! The invisible Truth culminates with true tears! - In the superstitious mirror of eyes, when all the illuminating, proud flames go out, deep-water mud peaks! Crowded madness washes away the interests of the worldly sensation! Man can be tired if he is vulnerable soon!
I am embraced by myself, human law, and it does not leak - crushed into colors, retained Promises my confidence and tomorrow! I still have to face recurring, threatening days anyway; the eternal friendship can still keep a vigilant separation from Being! In immortal throbbing sighs, it would still be good to believe hopefully; aloof, for human luck if you can boldly turn your back! Smile: a conqueror of tamed, small pleasures, can you return to the gray ordinary?!
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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