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T'yana Thomas Nov 2019
There’s something troubling about me
Why must I remind myself how much I love you
Am I scarred deeper then my eyes see

Silent foot steps while your sleep
Just to make sure your still breathing
Anxiety; maybe these feelings are far more extreme

Has life thus far took a toll and is eating away within
All The torture
      The abandonment
       The failures and descent on my part and supervision
Am I afraid of ME

I see you and I see my world
Something no one will destroy or tamper with
I see you and wonder how was I so wonderfully blessed
I see you and the reflection mirrors me
And reality kicks in
Life will throw stones at you unexpectedly and I can’t save you from everything

And that’s where I find myself locked in a stronghold with loud thunder and hard cold rain
Cat Fiske Jun 2015
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Edgar allen Poe Annabel lee video made for project ed contests
Cat Fiske May 2015
hey so I make videos, and look, you all are smart people so who else should try and make a video for this and maybe win $1500! so I am going to do it, you should to, and if you're a finalist you get 200$ they care more bout the audio. visual is not as important, but I feel all poets should be available to this challenge! again AUDIO IS KEY! read the rules! I am planning on entering so even if you're not going to enter, please comment and give me some ideas bc I got equipment (cameras, mics, video crap) and days to film, and it's a class project/ final for me, and I GOT TO PICK IT, I sometimes like my film class x.x but link below!
Annabel Lee
Seán Mac Falls Mar 2015
Simple, smallish thoughts,
Held so high by the clueless,
  .  .  .  Now trend on HP.

— The End —