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Pink and said to be mean
Your tentacles tend to scare me
You're often alone, are you lonely?
Drymonema larsoni... don't worry
We can be friends, just don't sting me..

Native to the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and The Gulf of Mexico..
Searching for Moon Jellies and feasting once they're found
They wrap their tentacles around- them and drag them in
What a cruel fate? you may think that but we do the same thing.
Emma Potter Apr 2015
"No no I don't hate really thank u for this I just want you to know I really dont believe in putting optimistic twists on unhappy things. I honor and respect agony despite loathing it and I find pain in change so I just dont like it to be glamorized thats all. And then, you know, the best friends thing but I talked with u about that already privately"

Ember lashes out on tiffany on comments on a peom of hers i say this is so meanly harsh enber is not a dying out burning flame but we wish she was then she wouldn't get bad sided with tiff

Another thing is ember was downright discouraged tiffany kust want wanted a person to go too.I think you let er down Ember E. Diwnright harsh
Owwi feel tiffanys painnnn

— The End —