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Anitha Panicker Jun 2022
I opened the window
                  to my soul today,
      No entrance fee needed,
No membership of any sort,
Just come in with your mask on
Anitha Panicker May 2022
Woke up with a headache
Looking out of the window
Such a gloomy day; looks like the sun is having a headache too
He and I didn’t party yesterday night;
We didn’t talk about global warming or people fighting people;
We just talked about us!
YEP, that’s it!!
Anitha Panicker Oct 2021
She is me and I am her;
Let us continue to stare!
Anitha Panicker Mar 2021
IWD, Alas!
Gender Parity, Alas!
Pandemic Alas!
You might ask why, I would say why not??
Anitha Panicker Feb 2021
Will you be my Valentine?
Corona😷 asked Corona 🍺
Anitha Panicker Aug 2017
She was ****** into a bubble
when he held her hand
it was his instant reaction
When she was about to fall

He held her hand
to make her walk,
to help her climb,
to stroll her down the pavement

She felt safe,
safe again!

Slowly her skin absorbed
the warmth of his hand
Blood gushed all over her
with no signs of maturity

Bumps on the road
turned into Goosebumps
Without her knowing,
her seventy slithered to

The moment was seized and
she was pleased!

Her wisdom and stature
grew in love and longings
the hint of skin
blossomed her inner kin

Bubbles meeting bubbles!
Anitha Panicker Dec 2016
Seconds, minutes, hours,
days, months, years..
what's left for you now ?
Go wild before it's all used up!!
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