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Tink Nov 2017
When introversive meets empathy,
it drains you emotionally.
Compassionateness becomes your curse,
where is the switch for the reverse?
Words you read are making noise,
a silence that destroys.
You run and flee from such a place
and yet you're not up to win that chase.
A vicious circle!
Confusions! - internal
Izzah Batrisyia Feb 2015
I am the dark,
I am the sea,
I sit in silence,
Through the cinematic breeze.

Visions of the aesthetic,
The mentalism of fear,
A lovely lullaby,
The nyctophobia gear.

I am an art piece,
Painted in black, grey and white,
Kept in the archive of the dismissive,
On spacious 104-8C.
© 2015 Izzah Batrisyia

— The End —