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Traveler Jan 8
Fight it!
If you can beat it
You will be whole!

Face the tyrannical
With promiscuous
Grit and grin
With crooked teeth
Win the the final match
Take it to your wits end

There is where the hero will begin
Such a lovely wonderful liberation!
Traveler Tim
Yanamari Apr 2019
I don't want in on this world.
You're already in it so there's no point thinking that way
I know
What is it that has you thinking this way?
The struggles of the world.
People needing to claim victory over others
The exponent of power dominance.
You live in this world
And that's why I want out.
... Love... Even that's a part of it huh

So, what...?
No choice but to continue moving, as you said.
Still working on that.
My position in the world?
You still need to take care of your part in this world
I know, though I don't fully understand how.
I know you got this, but take care

— The End —