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Kelly Mistry Jun 2021
How can you not see?
How can you not know?
Not hear

The manipulation beneath the concern
It may be real to them
The concern

“I just want what’s best”
For you
(For them)

“Best” is a narrow place to be
Pressure from all sides, pinning you in place

You’re just a puzzle piece
If you won’t make yourself fit in your place
They’re happy to help you cut off
                                                             the parts that don’t fit

Their image
Their vision for their world

It’s hard to resist
When they believe their own press
That they are the savior
The martyr

The truth is

They are a spider
And to be free of their web
Sometimes requires

Cutting all ties
The original version used female gendered pronouns, because that is true to my life and experience, but that felt too narrow, so this is a version with non-gendered and/or non-singular pronouns
Viseract Oct 2015
I see
You discovered perfection
In the words that
You write. Did I not
Tell you so? Perfection exists within
Anything and everything. You just need to
Look hard, and search deep, to find the
Secret we all keep. Search until the end of time,
And you will find the perfect rhyme. For you, the
One and Only. You know who you really are.
Yeah, you, You, the one with the
Hidden Agenda
I told you that our words are perfection. They can be relative, the raven to an optimist, but they can also be found within the smallest of things. All you have to do is search deep.

— The End —