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Elle Sep 19
do i love you
or do i want to be you?

your smile is
the crack in the sky
i want to slip my fingers through it
till my whole hand is inside

(please don't choke)

your hands are slender
fingers too short but still long
i want to hold them
bend them at an angle
all the way until you cry

(please don't break)

your face is perfect
not conventional
yet not unattractive
but there's a black hole
in my head every time
i want to love it

(please don't leave)

it ***** in all my feelings
replaces them with this
all platonic friendship
no hetero
am i right?

your collarbone is showing
in the shirt that you're wearing
want to trace it with my fingers
no pain
just this moment

(please don't)

i think i love in
the way i love myself
too much sometimes
burnt to a husk
the minute next

hate you with a passion
for making me
want to love somebody
in the way i want to
love you
the next time you say i love you i will scream externally and slowly die. please don't do that again. i don't think i have enough storage, and i don't want an upgrade.
Jen P Oct 2018
If I considered you for a day
Would I know love?

You pull at me
like taffy.

Place a sticky tendril in your mouth,
and deliberate on the sickly sweet
as it coats your tongue.

I look from where you have
and feel
like empty calories.

someday i hope you
and your sticky hands
Hayleigh Mar 2015
The choice is not about homosexuality or heterosexuality it is about being true to who we are.

— The End —