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Sharde' Fultz Dec 2017
The ground?
The ground is gone. Im floating past sunsets and sunrises
Im floating through hellos and goodbyes
Im floating below the heavens
And just above the singe of hell's fires
I'm floating with my debts
I'm floating with my pains
I'm floating with my future and my past
I'm there
The air is thin
My breaths are small
But just enough
And I see it all
I feel it all
But numb to consequence
I've kept my drive
I'll hold my loves
But I float amidst the cares
They graze my skin and float away
The ground?
The ground is gone and I feel its gone forever
I'm just in a weirld space where I'm functioning but it all feels a little hapless in the grand scheme of it all. Sounds depressing but I'm okay lol
Anonymous Apr 2014
Her tiny fingers
Commanded I live
And subsequent requests
Engendered her worldwide knowledge.

I am something
Times many somethings
And she is me
Cubed to the power of three.

My wayward wants and casual lusts
Taught her young of all the usual haunts
She would keep me in line
For a goodly time
But soon liquor and women would e'er undo me.

In deepest woe I'd approach
My young charge at her worst
Consume all throwables
Yet hug her tightly to my chest.

And toward my Mom I'd quake
Without even a choice to make
I'd offer some symptom of obeisance
Even as she waved off the cretinous.

My young love would
Magically invoke the same
And before I knew it
I was grovelling at my mother's grave.

— The End —