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kevin wright Jun 29
The darkness
the chuckling
static on fire

the strings shake
the leather oscillates
the ebony follows the ivory
the saucer vibrates

hands reach for the sky
piggy backs jostle
beams search out
crowds go wild
ears open wide

the voices converge
booming tubes
coma inducing
throaty in unison

musical ‘in same nation’
together in the moment
words are visualised
mindless contact in soulful understanding

the rhythm goes on
the pulse rises
the adoration becomes
I am transformed into my idol
where the microphone started, now used in music concerts
Lucy Jan 2017
Meandering, staggering, the squelch of fun
I cross the field of dreams 
To step off the world, just for a while 
Is all one needs it seems 

You captured my heart, I cannot explain 
What you do to me 
The world outside, a thing of the past 
I'm wrapped in a bubble of glee 

You're good for the soul but that's not all
You take my troubles away 
And if I could, no matter how I ache 
A few more days I'd stay 

But a few more days is never enough 
I never want to leave 
My heart, forever in your mud 
The real world you reprieve 

And as all the years go by 
I never do forget 
All of the joy you give to me 
And I ain't seen nothin yet

Oh how I love Glastonbury Festival

— The End —