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The Vault Apr 11
At some point tears turn into anger
And I am sick and tired of crying and crying
Just ready to punch someone out.
Bella Anima Aug 2014
And if you are ever broken,
I'll make sure to pick all
the pieces
not to fix you
but to be the strength
to keep you together.
You will still be a mess
but I'll lose myself in your pieces
And we'll be a mess

And if you are ever bleeding
I know that i wont be the only gauze
to stop your bleeding
but i will be the last
and i will last
the longest.

And if you are ever in pain,
I'll hug you so tight
So i could absorb the pain
Like the gauze absorbing the blood,
If words cannot ease your pain.

And if you are ever lost,
I may not be able to be your map.
I'm sorry.
But i can hold your hand
and you wont have to be lost alone.

So, close your eyes, sweetheart.
Let the night be peaceful.
Let the serenity of the night
carry you away to wonderful places.
Let not the worries enter
Your mind and soul.
The pain will fill your nights'
With nightmares.
Now this is for you. Like it, katarina.

— The End —