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Renée Casey Aug 2015
carbon date me.
trace me back to my beginning.
my inception.

find the catalyst that brought me to this point.
to the me that exists in this moment
on this day

this point in the linear graph titled "MY LIFE"

trace it...
wait. stop.

that's it.
the metamorphosis point.
the moment this me began.

the unfolding of potentials,
the unweaving of my chrysalis.
the opening of avenues of thought and energy.

right... there.

it's you.
Meg B May 2015
We met in the summertime,
which I recall because the AC in his apartment
was mediocre at best,
and fans were splayed throughout the
white-walled space as we attempted to
keep cool.

His roommate introduced me,
as he sat with no shirt on,
perched on a wooden chair,
staring intently at a deck of cards.

I think the first thing I noticed was the dazzle of
his smile,
but I can't pretend my eyes didn't veer
to the perfect V that was on display
just above his basketball shorts.

His skin glowed a perfect shade of honey and
in the dim lighting
that emitted from the sole lamp in the corner
of the living room.

I became submerged in a blur of
card games and laughter
and an eerily similar taste in music,
so much so that I forgot it was not he
who I had come to see.

— The End —