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T J W Nov 2018
You're a dangerous place
but I can't help it
your darkness intrigues me
you pull me in
I find myself coming back to you
you change me
how I feel
how I look
how I think
in silence you're all I hear
lost in darkness around you
so powerful
so strong
something, someone no one understands
unfamilarity but I want more
you drain me
you take every ounce of energy I have
but you're above all
your knowledge
your ability
I must know more
you're my bestfriend
you're my enemy
So is this an addiction, a crude misconception?
Mostly feeling the wind creased in the wrong direction.
What I thought I like, what they told me I was,
Now fades from the glimpses of eternity.

Fashioning a pedestal for a new tomorrow,
Blind but with faith I caress all this sorrow,
I bid you adieu, *******, subdued.
No I am not in remorse, I cannot alter my force.

By the fact that the energy deranges like swollen entropy.
Can be acknowledged yet immaterial to intrigue.
Echoing the silence that for soothers to ring.
Loss of the false feel of psuedo-histrionic-apathy.
I guess we we're all wrong at some point, I still feel confused, it is just a feeling so maybe I need to stick to it?

— The End —