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Starfire Oct 2018
It was you that I wanted
It was you that I longed for

To hold
To love

To cherish every moment we had together  

But that could never happen


You never felt the same
You never knew me

We never spoke to each other
We only crossed paths

But you finally noticed me
But we only became close friends

Till I eventually fell for you

And you never knew
And you finally left me

And in the end I realised it was never meant to be in the first place
Cal Ashiq Oct 2017
I know a love that does not seek to receive
For its only concern is what it can give
I know a love that has no need nor desire
For out of a sudden it began to transpire

I know a love that mends the heart
For it gives someone the hope of a new start
I know a love that shines like the sun
For it brings you happiness that would never be gone

I know a love that is beautiful as the moon
For by the sight of the beloved you begin to swoon
I know a love that glimmers like the stars
For it's breathtaking just like gazing at venus and mars

I know a love that has no end
For all these things it will transcend
I know a love that chooses to sacrifice
For even after giving everything it feels this would not suffice

I know a love that sings about you and me
A song of endearment that you and I are meant to be
I know a love like this a love that is true
A love you defined for me the day I fell for you
I fell for you
like a moth to the light.
Moths die.

— The End —