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Kita akan terus begini?
Terpisah oleh jarak bermil – mil
Walau hanya dalam dunia fatamorgana
Kuingin kau kembali ke sisi
Seperti saat kita bersama dahulu

Pertemuan pertama kita
Hanya tinggal kenangan?
Walau hanya dalam dunia fatamorgana
Kuingin kau kembali dan melinkupiku dengan sayapmu
Seperti saat kita pertama berjumpa dahulu

Janji kita
Hanya tinggal sebuah janji?
Walau hanya dalam dunia fatamorgana
Kuingin kau kembali dan kita saling mengkaitkan jari
Seperti saat kita berjanji dahulu

Cinta kita
Hanya tinggal sebuah kata?
Walau hanya dalam dunia fatamorgana
Kuingin kau kembali dan berkata
Walau jarak dan ruang memisahkan kita
Aku percaya jika hati t’lah bicara
Takkan ada yang mampu memisahkan kita
Merinda Nov 2019
You put smile on my face every morning
I can still taste your breath in last evening
Your kisses touch my skin
Amazing night like a movie scene

Those flowers on your finger are hiding that diamond ring
To surprising me and asking me to be your queen

Perfect moment that creating by imagine
It was just Fata Morgana in the morning
My alarm force me to wake up from this dream
ConnectHook Feb 2017

Fata Morgana !
Crunch the numbers and look at the data. I’m like:
Measurable outcomes for pleasurable incomes—
incorporate outsourced inhuman resources in-house. I’m like:
indicators for vindicators.
It’s all about the data, mama—
so man up, sit down, and move forward
like hard apps on software, like ram on a gigabyte. I’m all:
sit up, move down, man forward;
benchmarks as milestones, stone benches as mile-markers
measuring the change-talk: obstetric metrics
played out for pregnant pauses.
It’s about throwing out the carry-on
It’s about unpacking the lost luggage
It’s about documenting best practices of undressed actresses
until the data-driver fails the breathalyzer.
The data tells a story: memes of mastery cast in plastery.
DUCK the FATA (morgana) !
Celery w/Bleu Cheese data-dressing

— The End —