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GuessWho Mar 2017
What can be called a perfect mystery?
Could it be a piece of untold history?
Nothing on this earth could ever be worth it;
Whether it is the death of a prince or a spooky bit!
Can there be a mystery other than the space,
It keeps digging human brain with pace!
No human can ever predict what is out there,
It gives super-intelligent ideas human brains can't bear!
We'd never know whether there are alien mates,
Or world-like fights and quarrels between the states?
What kind of mystery could this be?
Towards it, it keeps attracting me!
Space is certainly the mystery of mysteries,
It has addresses we'd never find in all directories!
Each time I see the star-filled night sky,
It invites me to come over and fly!
It's a mysterious place haunted with alien ghosts,
I wish I was a guest to these ghost-hosts!
This vast sky peppered with stars
Is the finest gown of the word ‘mystery' it garbs! !

By: Guess Who

— The End —