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Jacob Page May 2019
A strange pilot this
world is, fighting glassy,
distant nomads for space.
In time, vends names.

Foam alone in fear.
“Did you see that?”,
I fear not dear.
No one was watching.

Or they didn’t care.

- Gods
Paste your taste here. If it scratches your soul, I apologize. And quote all I know. All things shining.
iamtheavatar Feb 2015
Our hearts fit perfectly
Like wooden puzzle pieces
Cut from the same tree
Both have the same sadness,
Both share the same joy

Intertwined from birth,
Only but the two of us
The transliteration of our pulses
Forms the fixation of our beings;
The communication of our synapses
Pulls each other's heartstrings

No one else can feel,
Only but the two of us
The intangible connection
Between two worlds;
The eponymous heartbeats
Of our tethered hearts

May the world be my enemy,
And its chaos my sanctuary
But I'll never trade the times
For a hundred billion dimes

And if one day I lose you;
I'll borrow from the future
And lend to the past
Just to see you near me
Darling so dear; holding so fast

**iamthe_avatar ©2015
Because it's February, I will write a suitable poetry.

— The End —