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rowdy lee Jun 2020
authentic shots from the shooting place in iran.
dozens of people died


she is not ashamed of her beauty. the famous model
let her ******* peek out at the ceremonial party –

all good
Maybe there is a grammar/meaning mistakes in my poems as English is my second language. Glad if you'll warn me. Thank you.
Andrew Name May 2016
they know
where tobacco grows
and why I
forgot to put down the pants
I heard
the drowning underwater
I afraid
whether the outer limit
gets closer
I never
put any elbow
in it
to play with water
to add some fire
and as a last caress
against the dark halfdom of space
I'll do my best
watch celestial bodies
and say I've seen it thousand times
I ought to guide you
toward necropolis
because I have two missed calls
both yours
Ninja Aug 2015
Hello, I'm trying to write a poetic composition about my/an elbow, can someone please contribute or suggest something to this I need help, I know that it still sound half-assed and this poem badly needs surgery.

Your elbow is a canvas of a Van Gogh painting
Ocean currents, circling and weaving
stretching out as far as your arm would permit
you to hold such unrecognized beauty

Your elbow is a sheet of brilliant bronze laced
in layers of velveteen gold
stitched to shame the easy maze of your fingerprints
add something to the elbow poem lol

— The End —