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A palace built with brittle bones;
so easily fractured. Yet in time
souls will walk upon the ash
under Pluto's careful watch.
Death will rise from its slumber
and surrender to the will
of the living no more.


A vault of riven dreams will open
and from within
the cry of corpses
will be heard.
born from a love of fantasy, i thought about what would happen if a necromancer could no longer control the dead he has summoned.
Andrew Name May 2016
they know
where tobacco grows
and why I
forgot to put down the pants
I heard
the drowning underwater
I afraid
whether the outer limit
gets closer
I never
put any elbow
in it
to play with water
to add some fire
and as a last caress
against the dark halfdom of space
I'll do my best
watch celestial bodies
and say I've seen it thousand times
I ought to guide you
toward necropolis
because I have two missed calls
both yours
SøułSurvivør Jun 2015

dead upon dead
to the left and the right
no fire to warm us
no more spark
no more light
the even' has come
the desert dry night
the only thing living
is the burgeoning kite

the only ruler
is a king with no crown
the lowly court jester
wears a red mask'd frown
some courtiers have starv'd
some courtiers have drowned
but as for the people
there's no one around

pile upon pile
of mouldering bones
some make up spires
some make up thrones
femurs the mortar
skulls are the stones
some lattice triangles
some steepled in cones
if you're in this city
you're truly alone

a skeleton rides
on a decaying horse
it has no conscience
it has no remorse
it needs no permission
but uses no force
where is this city?

why it's


(c) 6/3/2015
Are you there?

— The End —