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HYA Nov 2018
Dyan ka lang,
walang patutunguhan
siraulo, dyan ka lang
Buong magdamag,
Laro inaatupag
Dota, csgo, crossfire at... pag-ibig?

‘Huwag kang tumalon,
Huwag kang tumakbo,
Huwag kang lumipad,’
Yan ang sabi nila
Sa tulad naming adik sa dota
Yan ang sabi nila
Maji-gg ba sa buhay, sinta?

Pero ibigin mo ang tala
Ibigin mo ang buwan
Ibigin mo ang araw
At ibigin mo ako

Tumalon at lumipad
Bahala na kung saan mapadpad
Kung iibigin mo ang araw
Kinabukasan, matatanaw

Walang reset ang buhay,
Walang revive ang buhay
Wala ring pause ang buhay
Kaya lahat ay dapat ibigay
Lahat ay iibigay

Dito ka lang,
Dito ka nararapat
Huwag magbilang e hindi naman kaya
Dito ka lang,
Wala kang kinabukasan
Kung maglalaro, dito lang

‘Huwag kang lumakad
Huwag kang lumangoy
Huwag kang gumapang’

Susunod ba sa sabi nila?
Ang bukas ba'y hindi mapipinta?
Totoo ba ang sabi nila?
Makikinig ka ba, sinta?

Bumangon at ibigin mo ang tala
Ibigin mo ang mga buwan
Ibigin mo ang mga araw
At ibigin mo ako

Tumalon at lumipad
Ipagmamalaki ka ng lahat
Ibalanse mo ang oras
Talento moy ilalabas

Walang quit button buhay
Walang edit ang buhay
Walang cancel ang buhay
Kaya magpatuloy, magpatuloy, magpatuloy

Iibigin ko ang tala
Iibigin ko ang buwan
Iibigin ko ang araw
At iibigin din kita

this is a piece I created when I was in the bathroom HAHAHHAA this is a song actually for today's contest and here it is.
This piece is for my classmates na mga 'gamers' na nadidiscriminate ng iba at ng mga **** namin kasi nga mga tamad HAHAHHAHAHA but I still love those pipol and they have a loooot of potentials
Swetank Modi Sep 2015
It started with a clever picking
Then the horn of cenarius sounding
Followed by an agile creep-blocking
The start of the beginning

Sk, Lina, Leoric lanes the bottom
A superior lane control no one could ever question
Burrow, Bolt, and array has been thrown
That poor enemy's troll got pawned

And now let's go into the middle lane
Whe're SF and Davion came
In this battle they would have to claim
The elusive exp and gold they can possible gain

The top lane's meepo was quite steady
For his enemies are getting heavy
Fissure and Nova are his enemy
The fearsome combo of deadly harmony

As the ferocious battle goes by
In ganks and clashes, skills fly
Some juke, some escape, and some die
The other team thrashtalks "nice try"

Oh dear meepo tries to solo Roshan
The other heroes try to *******
In the woods they find the one
That lone troll farming in wonderland

Sandking immediately winks
Followed by a nimble blink
Burrowstrike makes the troll sink
GG troll as many would think

The the team tries to push
TP-save the opponent used
But meepo breaks the unwanted truce
And tries to squeeze away the juice

They have to **** raigor
Who, in echo slam, has had a great score
But you seeit was only five versus four
Thus it leads the enemy in sore

Alas! the balance has been broken
It's a gg that's nearly spoken
The defenders has fallen
Rax, towers, and the tree are all broken

If only they've warded more
They would've prevented the gank on troll
The other team had a greater score
And they could have a chance to backdoor

Perhaps it was a close call
For a team you wouldn't easily small
Life indeed is like a ball
Just pawned because of the lone troll

Don't worry DotA 2, I'll sacrifice my sleep for playing everyday!
Mey Jul 2015
Days passed by so fast
Overt feelings of hate towards my past
To avoid sadness and fulfill my happy jar
Another day won't be spent to play the game

Thus, I feel so free
Wounds healed slowly and thoroughly
O**pening my heart when I am fixed
Reasons not to play Dota 2
Is you

— The End —