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DCM Nov 2015
Habits or nature?
Or am I a failure?
It's resurfacing like a determined child.
Born to have gone wild.
Shall I bury it benith my feet?
Or await my defeat?
Oh they ask why I write poetry if it's always the same.
Confusing. Alluding. Manic. Erratic.
It's not writing but more like my life. Sunflowers and kisses? Isn't that all lies?
Yet you've never seem wonder why you hear cries?
I sit here trying to please you.
While you are on que.
It's not just one person.
You all seem to worsen.
Why call me out when you don't want to hear a shout?
I'll let you in on a secret....
There's no such thing as sweetness.
Nickols Sep 2013
Dull lips give way to a finely sharpened tongue.
Soft skin slides underhand like roughly hidden scales.

You asked of me to bare my blood.
 Both times I cut my veins for you.
Both times you asked for more
And I bled once again,
for you, my Prince.

A hand touches my soul; held within the demons greedy paws.
All the while,  I wonder why, I let you continue to rein over me.
An insufferable plague you have bestowed over my brow.
My heart.

My heart quakes from Lust's tightening grip.
My veins bleeding for you...
A card dealt from the sleight of a devils right hands.
A dagger in the left, aimed for the back.

- Hark -

The call of darkness beckons me on-wards.
Calling me home through the red fog and the vile pit of hatred.

When you asked for me; I was yours.
Then, when you asked for another,
I withdrew...

You are an enigma, in your entirety.
Oh, sweet angel
burden with a devils twisted soul.
You shall burn forlorn in a delightful blue flame.

*Alas, ask once more my Nephilim Prince.
and I shall bleed my veins for you.
This was inspired from me playing Devil May Cry way too much. Call me a fangirl, and I'll probably just laugh and agree. *le sigh* I think I might have a cartoon crush on Dante. (so there in fact, Virgil as well because they are twins) *sighs and shakes head at self*

— The End —