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DCM Feb 2018
I wish I had Summer skin during the Winter hours.
DCM Nov 2017
"Because I love you,
Guilt will fill your lungs and expand your chest
Lust'll become a jealous filled routine
Your subconscious will fall into an abyss of insecurities
I will be your contentment"

"Because I love me,
I'll spit up your guilty pleasure and learn to breathe on my own
Self-love'll become the only event on my agenda
My conscious mind will rise to the forefront-
demanding a serious tone as I tell of such content rooted within me"

The path to self-love begins as a seed; rooting itself with persistency which later blooms at maturity
An effortless act of nature
Yet perceived as a complex act of egotism

Because I love me, I've found security within my own presence
  Jun 2017 DCM
you won't admit it
not even to yourself
but you love living on the edge
you love the possibility
of getting in trouble
you love feeling like you're in control
of throwing yourself in the fire
you claim you are careful
and that everytime you get in trouble
is an "accident"
but only those who truly love you
truly understand you
know the truth
that you'll always take an extra step towards the edge
park your car
a centimeter too close to the cliff
sit an inch too close on the open windowsill
smoke your cigarette a second too close
to when your mom walks in on you
you love having the control
and the lack of it
you want someone to notice you
you want someone to yell at you
you want to be blamed and accused
as long as that means
someone will look your way
as long as that means
that someone will look you in the eye
inside you're crying
inside you're dying
you want to start the fire
anarchy is what you crave
and yet,
you're always an inch too far
and an inch too close
from the war itself
// when i started writing this, i had one particular person in mind...until i realized this applies to majority of first world teenagers today; so different, yet so alike. we're all just looking for someone to care, craving attention, even if that means setting our very being in flames //
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