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Pax Feb 2017
      In contrary of the distance we take.
          Goodbyes are just as hard to make.
          I wish the cold will stay away from our hearts.
          It’s our toughest decision we’ve made - being apart.

          I give to you a piece of my soul for you to hold.
          You give yours, I cherish like gold.
          Three years is a short time away from each other,
          Yet as long as our hearts are entwine together
          Our love is as sweet as forever.

© 2014
"does long distance relationship really last? I think it does for some people, but it is not for everyone. I guess it really depends how stretchable your love is..." ~ pax

it was a prompt for my little book jiffy's love.
Victoria Tran Jun 2014
When the sun is no longer in the sky
And the moon slowly rises
Is when I truly miss you the most
Those late nights when you’re not by my side
Just makes me feel so alone
It sometimes bring me to tears
I know one day I will reunite
With the love of my life
My wife
dedicated to my girlfriend

— The End —