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  Apr 2015 Victoria Tran
life's jump
imagine walking
letting life
When light carefree
footsteps carried  
Today, each buried
harden print

when i walked
i felt good
welcoming the day
dreaming of love

now i step with
harsh broken eyes
avoiding contact
tricking my mind
that we never were
that what i see
was never us.

The years it took to
smile again.
The slow conversations
that make friends.
Shedding the years
from wearing
your shoes.

Finding footsteps
that lift & not hurt
when i stand
or bury me when i walk.
That allow new paths  
to grow what i feel.
To wake me in the morning
rather than walk in
Victoria Tran Apr 2015
Uneducated, Afraid
Expect the unexpected they say.
Warned, but never aware.
Carefree I was

Now I feel lost and alone.
Frightened of carrying it on
To the ones that I love.
I'm indifferent
More than you think.
Be Safe
My baby Dathan Please.
most people wouldn't understand this is was just a little vent succession
this is dedicated to my future kids
Victoria Tran Apr 2015
Red is all I see
Dripping down my arm full of sorrow
Despair and Anger
I should've went with my heart
and trust my own self
But it wasn't making me a better person
It wasn't making a better us.
I let my guard down all the way down for you
It hits us well, me
I'm broken into millions of little pieces
and don't know how to be fixed.
It was my fault too.
when your trying to fix a better you for a better us but when situations get you down you have nothing left to do but vent..
Victoria Tran Apr 2015
Let us be remembered as the
Forgotten Ones…
The ones who disobeyed the rules
but, left a shocking impression.
Who scared others with a change
"Odd, Indifferent, Abnormal, Weird"
All the doubts and struggle
thrown in every direction & yet we still had hope and faith
We'll Never Be Forgotten
for we are the
Forgotten Ones...
  Apr 2015 Victoria Tran
Amber Dunn
I wish I was more like you.
When you break, you push everyone away
and make yourself feel better.
You're strong.
I need constant comfort.
I need you to hold me and kiss me.
Spoil me.
I'm weak.
So easy to break, so fragile.
I'll give you some of my heat if you give me
your frost.
We're like yin and yang.
So alike yet so different.
We're perfect for each other, right?
I believe so.
Victoria Tran Jun 2014
Don’t judge us
For we are people like you
Just because I’m in the streets
Holding my girlfriends hand
Doesn’t give you the right to say anything
For me and her are just like you

Human beings
for those who is being judged keep your head up
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