Apr 2016

Left in the mist
Without a kiss
Yet, told to act like love didn't exist

Can't resist
That I still miss
Your kiss

Leaves fall to the ground
Here standing without a sound
Twirling, twisting, round and round

Throwing a gaze on the leaves collapse on the floor
Just like my poor

Memory of autumn
Has been forgotten
Except me I still remember the smell
And the sound of the bell

Can't tell the cold breeze
Shakes the leaves from the trees
Autumn takes away the green
Like you did, haven't seen
You, you're nowhere to be found

You must've nail down
Every sketch on the edge

All the leaves are decomposing
In the lints keep floating
Like the ashes of my core

Our love was first gold
But now it turn into mold

Watching this day leaving no trace
On the same place
Where all I remember is the air getting colder
My universe is getting now darker
Now the warmth is gone
The sunshine is dissolved
Copyright © 2016 D.E.T All Rights Reserved
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