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Mar 2016
By: D.E.T

Tik- tok
Have nobody to talk to
Getting boring maybe you  took a walk
Pondering around
No, sound

Not till you saw the white rabbit
Jump into a hole yeah, it got you attracted
Yeah, made the way to sneak what was in it

Fell on the hole
Where it was new whole

Heard you were missing so, there goes a same rabbit
Got the same habit
I jumped in the hole
Had no time pull
The rabbit is the one to who in charge

Now we gotta march
If we don't want to stay forever in this place
Yeah, we gotta face
All this empty case

Yeah, we found wonderland
Yet, got lost in it
Because we both fell in it
Where flowers will always pop up

Eh, this seems puzzling
While the wind keeps whistling
Fallen between the cracks
Can't relax
Knowing that you are missing in this wonderland

Dark clouds
Forming crowns
Yet, wrapping me around towels
It's s been hours
Since you have been dissolved
Maybe I should go back to the top
In see of you are there to be found

I reached for you but you were gone
I knew I had to go back home
We found another world
Again we fell in the hole
Copyright Β© 2016 D.E.T All Rights Reserved
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