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daphne Feb 15
poor sara
reeked of incompetence
so she wore arrogance like a perfume
against their captious noses
the fragrant so potent
it hindered away her imperfetions
Scarlet M Dec 2017
Statistics says that
there’s a 99% chance
that I might fall
in love
with you,
And I shall make use
of that 1%
to make sure that
I won’t.
Nabs Feb 2016
brimstone and fire
ready to engulf anyone
to burn or be burned
Shield that destroys
HA Jun 2014
his head bleeds rivulets of flowers
on the street with few passerby
but there is still naught, not
a worrier, we are all sons of this soil
which has imbued in us the shield
of defense against pain, poverty,
wound and death, we are all idols
of this soil with our open eyes
that see but never could comprehend.

we are solemn in our expressions
but only if it could turn into actions
that we have long forgot the story of,
there is pain in every glance, and
that is all there is to it, our hands
clutching our ******* as we pass by,
our eyes squinted with the soil kernels
touched by his blood, fainted of life,
(of alcohol may be) and of lifeless visions.

his toes are half hidden beneath a car
(is he just asleep, my eyes ask me,
I have no answer, I pass by: a passerby)
a turbaned man sees through his shield
while speaking on his phone, the lips
next to me tell of the blood I failed
to see or sniff and him being passed out
by alcoholism, those lips wonder if he’d die,
may be he would, we’re all dead, when alive.
© Anmol Arora 2014

— The End —