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Caroline Aug 20
Yes, it is true.
Sometimes, I am eight.

I stand by the mantelpiece and watch the clock tick upon the wall.
Each second seems excruciatingly extended.
Is there really a purpose to these endless days that stretch into years
That stretch into meaninglessness?
She rests in bed again.
Depression shifts itself into the corners of her room and her smile
Does not reach her eyes.
Mom is very tired.
My father gently guides me from the room,
But she draws me back to say you know I'll love you
Even when I’m gone,
And then I run outside and throw a vibrant red ball into the sky as
If to stubbornly defy her


I so want her to see that there are bright things yet.

I dig them from the ground with my hands
And find them in the remote groves of pines
That stand in harsh wilds outside the boundary lines of
The sadness drawn across her eyes.

I wanted to shatter them with light;

Yet, now it is I who has to fight the darkness in my veins,
Using all my strength to push it away
From my children,
So they do not have to do the same.
Alexis Walkes Sep 2017
prepare to shudder,
prepare to have demons taunting you,
playing disturbing games with your soul,
with a calming darkness and scary happiness.

Staining your hands with a metallic substance,
marking the walls of the invisible.
This is what happens when you touch my soul.

Creatively **** but mouthing the word pretty.
Be careful.

It's like  I was touched by this ebony, fair eye angel with two sides.
Soaring with bloodless and sullen wings.

But there is happiness, somewhere...
Sometimes presenting itself like a optical illusion,
adding mystery to my image.
It's a little strange, but it makes for an interesting read....

Alexis. W ****

— The End —