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S I N Jan 19
I know what you want,
But I refuse you to give it
It was never my wont
To comfort with this base ****
IPM Nov 2017
I don't mind
the pebble in my shoe
I don't mind
three words that lost their core
I don't mind
the hidden scars on my back
I don't mind anything
I could drive you to the city,
So you could hear how loud they scream.
Amidst the dust and torn grey ribbon,
Through their cold and granite dreams.
And i can't remember home.

And we could up and leave the city,
Because we fear how loud they scream.
Unwilling to be deafened,
By the cries of concrete teens.
And we're lost within our home.

And we could sit outside the city,
Watch their bleak fire fuel their screams.
Find our fields of warming yellow,
And smile inside our dreams.
And i can't remember home.

Reimburse my colour.
Exit through the grey window.

— The End —