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uzzi obinna Jan 2018
if only the world was as beautiful as the sound of these music,
oh, how peaceful we would be- just how lovely,
if only the expression of heart break in songs makes the pain easier,
singers won't take their own life- yes they'll become happy;

do they sing those words, screaming for help, for help from us?
all we do is dance, reminisce, criticize and fantasize for the satisfaction of our souls;
many have come, many have gone, their carcasses lying in graves,
yeah, some fans cry while others criticize as if mockery is their only goal;

if i was your lover, would you have died on me?
if i was your friend, could i have been of help?
maybe yes, maybe not or maybe you'll still think that dying would set you free;
or maybe yes, maybe not, maybe i would inspire you to make one more living step;

if only love could be as true as the love songs we hear,
we would be watching the sunset with the type of lovers we always desired;
if only, yes if only we had one more chance to make it right,
maybe we would go back to that high school boy or girl whose sincere love we defiled;

i wish that the world is as beautiful as these songs i hear,
i wish that we could all be happy and that our race wouldn't matter;
will there be a day when we will make living less complicated for one another?
so that in the end, when these songs play, our troubles would truly be over.
dedicated to all the wonderful singers and writers who took their on life and those who died of drug related circumstances. i love you all. only you understand your struggles. peace be upon you.
up at 11:32 pm in Brisbane, Australia
*these are just a few among many who have passed on
Tala Jul 2017
Your skin they Unzip,
your body they Evacuate
themselves they Force
their thoughts they Shove.

They control your mouth 
to shoot words about a cause; 
they CLAIM they Know!

With your Blood,
they'll wipe two stripes
on their cheeks,
ready for marching the streets!

Shouting loud
about pain and grief.
Clueless they are -
how Foggy it can be.

Step by step,
in your tight skin,
they marched ignorantly -
Thinking freedom
they had to snap; 
"Snap out" of the inches
they invaded -
in the name of relating. 

Not knowing,
what it takes to talk that Talk.
A mile in your skin they thought they can Walk -
they couldn't hold
out of your skin -
COWARDLY they withdraw...
This is to all the people who assume they know what goes on inside the head of someone who is depressed or has mental health issues. Read about it, you might never know who you are hurting with your comments.

— The End —