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Pigeon Sep 2020
trauma drifts down through the branches of my family tree
like summer pollen
Hoshontomba Apr 2015
Mother Tongue,
The voice of my Mother Earth.
But in what ways would She speak to me?
In English, in Spanish,
Anumpa from every corner of the world?
I think she would say:
Halito, ummi ulla
Hello, my child
You are made of pula
From every inch of the universe
Hlampko Chahta
A strong Choctaw woman.
The Mother Tongue of my Mother Earth
Is many
But she speaks to me in achuffa.
Choctaw words to know:
-Achuffa: one
-Anumpa: language
-Chahta: Choctaw
-Halito: hello
-Hlamko: strong
-Ishki: mother
-Pula: light
-Taloa: to sing
-Ulla: child
-Ummi: mine

— The End —