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I remember helping bake
With my Granny....Elisie Boone
She always said
Whoever makes the mess
Gets to lick the spoon

I always liked to help her
I'd go see her every week
I liked that saying more than
Turn the other cheek

Granny always turned a phrase
And whistled a sweet tune
And whenever I helped make a mess
I got to lick the spoon

Time passed and my Grannies gone
But one thing still has clicked
whoever makes the mess still has
To make sure the spoon gets licked

Whether in the kitchen
making cookies or a cake
or ******* up with something else
I don't care what it may take

If you're the one who made the mess
you get what you deserve
It's your **** job to lick the spoon
No matter what gets served

Good advice, it don't come cheap
But good advice stays
And lick the spoon is good advice
From back in grannies days

It doesn't matter what happened
I don't care how it tastes
You made the mess, now lick the spoon
Good advice don't go to waste

I still think of my granny
When I whistle that sweet tune
Remember, made the mess've got to lick the spoon!

— The End —