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Rabbit Sep 2018
**** the Police
Coming straight out the underground
Young brother got it bad
Cuz I look Mexican and I'm brown

Can't forget to do diarrhea
on the sheriff deputies
Cuz you wear a uniform and a badge
think you deserve respect like a G

Biggest violaters of civil rights
in the ******* land
take advantage of everybody
cuz you think we're stupid and you can

Where are you going? What's your name? Are you on Probation?
California is not a stop and identify state
How about I cuff your ***
Take you to an alley and let out all my frustration

Am I under arrest?
Or am I free to go is what I ask
Boo bop & slit your throat
come up from behind with a ******* Chucky mask

I'm the worst ******* nightmare
there ever has been
A conscious, Chicano, 5 percenter
Moorish American free national citizen

How about next time you **** one of us
We hunt you down, home invade your family
and launch you all of a cliff in a bus.

Quick to leave a pig bleeding left for dead in a ***** ditch
***** sewed to your mouth, you wanna be me punk *** *****.

Or we'll cut your head off
and stick it to a thousand foot pole
start the vampire nation, count Vlad's idea yea I stole.

14th amendment, 85 percenter
corporate security guard
driving a big *** truck with your undersized *****
and you think your all hard, you ******* ******.

You're obvious and pathetic
I got no time to play
We don't die we multiply and the movement is here to stay.

Get off me stupid I ain't signing no autographs
Che Guevara reincarnated now who has the last laugh?
Aaron LaLux Jul 2016
You live and you learn,
or you die and you burn,
either way you’ll get your answers,
don’t be so anxious you’ll get your turn…

so don’t be so concerned,
the rhythm is a dancer,
clip’s in clip’s out,
Guns & Moses in The Holy Land of White Powders and Black Panthers,
Black Sabbath,
bad habits,
religious ideology spreads like community cancer,
the oppressed becomes the oppressor,
the suppressed become the suppressors,
the best defense is a good offense,
so defenders became aggressors to defend against the aggressors,
while genetic defects leads to passive aggressive defectors,
which is why she watches the world die before her eyes,
and thinks it doesn’t affect her,
and you’re asking me why,
like I have all of the answers.... To Be Continued...

from THT

available now worldwide:

— The End —