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Robin Oct 2018
Believe survivors.
Trust that they have
Been through

Then believe the falsely accused
Because they, too, have been
through something of their own
Belittled and attacked.

Everyone deserves to be believed.
We all go through our own
Experiences that define us,
Whether or not we let it show.

Many victims are scared of their abuser
So maybe they frame someone else,
Men who they don't know,
so maybe their mom won't look at their uncle differently.

Just remember that when someone is
Falsely accused, the victim is still very likely
Just that, a victim.
Find a way to serve justice properly.
The numbers speak for themselves, but I know it happens. Just hear me out.
Justyn Huang Oct 2018
I am sorry for the:

Unsolicited **** pics
Request for nudes
Inappropriate or creepy comments
Failing to listen
Acting without asking
Emotional manipulation
Emotional unavailability
Approaching you to practice game
Shaming your sexuality
Meanwhile glorifying my own.
Laws governing your body
Calling you beautiful before
Speaking over/behind/beneath you
Lust in my eyes

— The End —