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Paulina Feb 22
It’s just dirt
It’s not a garden at all
what is a garden without flowers?
all i want in this life
is to give life
but some land does not sprout flowers
I posted an unfinished version of this poem yesterday. It’s finished! I hope you enjoy!
Rae May 2019
I walk in , you look and stare .
Your unaware that those glares make me feel uncomfortable .
But that’s just what “ men are like today “
You comment on my hip  , bust and waist Measure my worth by how acceptable my face is
And invade my space , because you have “something to tell me”
Although I know exactly what your gonna say.
You never fail to disappoint.
I read your mind.
Every single time  .
Know  every line .
You were trying to hook me with  
But I am not your “ catch of the day “
How many other girls you threw your bait to and ended up devoured by your egos , selfishness and pride .
How many of them were thrown back in the sea because you were still hungry so you searched for a bigger prize .
That is not me .
I won’t become her .
So I ignore you
Because how dare you ?
Why should I accept you?
Who gave you the right to treat me that way ?
But all you reply is  “what a waste of
a pretty face “
Then stormed out  cause just like you measured my worth , I did the  same to yours  and put you in your place
But hey that’s“men today “
A coworker asked me despite all the guys trying to talk to you , Why won’t you “submit” to a man and I guess I felt annoyed thus the birth of this poem .
Sanjna Manoj Apr 2017
I seem to be losing my mind.

I hear faint screams,
In the middle of the night,
They sound like my mother's,
Everyone says I am imagining it,
I seem to be losing my mind.

I see bruises, marks and scars,
On the face of my mother,
Dad says it's because she fell down the stairs,
Mother must be very clumsy,
Or I must be losing my mind.

I was supposed to have a sister,
But we lost her,
T'was fate, tells grandmother,
And no it wasn't she, who pushed mother,
I am just losing my mind.

I don't know,
I died a year ago,
I said things I shouldn't,
You see, I lost my mind after all.

— The End —