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rig Feb 11
meg j. chu, f, six-two; qz: park blvd. ny.

wyx, ph: v – strangled iq f/ muck jobz.

clef: vr. zygo-jab w/ u, q-pid, k? thnx sm.

cob jigsaw v. pretz’l funk – my hq x’d.

pangrəm – hub: wolf’d; sticky: j q v x z.
pangram - a sentence or expression that uses all the letters of the alphabet.
perfect pangram - the same but with only 1 of each letter, a to z.
(im)perfect pangram - sometimes i like to cheat, it's fun.
S O P H I E Feb 2018
i am...

A-bstractly addicted to absolute abuse
B-y basketcase boys with nothing better to be
C-autious when I caught chaos
D-riving me delutional day by day
E-ven when everyone echoed into my ear
F-uck this familiar fatal feeling
G-oing after guilty guys
H-ardly having healthy habits
I-njuring my inner innocence
J-ustifying jaded *******
K-indly killing all
L-ackluster lovers so they dont
M-ention me making mistakes
N-ever not nervous
O-ver obsolete oblivion
P-inky promising people to stay
Q-uietly questioning my
R-eason to resolve all emoitions ripping right from my
S-tomach snaking their way to satisfaction
T-hrough tounges I never even wanted to taste
U-nable to grasp unhappiness
V-isiously turning up the volume
W-aiting for any kind of wasted warmth
X-eric eyes
Y-et again teary
Z-oning through endless time

until i'm right back where i started...
and i'm alone again

— The End —