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Feb 2019 · 232
The Immeasurable
Michael LoMonaco Feb 2019
We like to put a number to levels,
Utilizing a scale for expression.

Using measurement to rate happiness,
Applying a scale to convey fear.

Some scenarios of magnitude proportions can’t be accessed,
Such as the righteousness of God’s love.

Accepting the high measurement just as intense,
Without putting a value to intensiveness.
Jan 2019 · 183
When we are Offended
Michael LoMonaco Jan 2019
When we are offended,
Revenge is not recommended,
Even through harm was intended.

It’s a complex situation,
One that causes frustration,
But it’s best to form a foundation.

Do not fight the opposition,
Lead with strong ambition,
Take a stance with definition.

There is no gain with hostility,
Only leading to irritability,
So choose the route of responsibility.
Jan 2019 · 198
The Roller Coaster of Life
Michael LoMonaco Jan 2019
Survival on earth has its ups and downs,
Like a roller coaster taking you on a zigzagged ride.

Pain and pleasure will shift throughout living,
Swinging back and forth usually without any notice.

Destiny’s plan will keep swaying,
As the ride will always consist of rocking.

Even though this journey is full of twist and turns,
We can still learn how to live with fluctuations of life.
Jan 2019 · 232
Focus on the Pro List
Michael LoMonaco Jan 2019
The favorable column should dominate,
Banishing fake avenues that transpire from negativity.

The con list will grant false promises,
Even though optimism is provided in the short run.

The dopamine effect of cigarettes delivers brief relief,
Yet generates many harmful conditions years ahead.

When kicking any bad habit with encouraging harms,
Focusing on the pros will direct you to the right path.

The route to a better you will always have barriers,
But strong determination will guide you to success.
Jan 2019 · 223
The Inspirational Path
Michael LoMonaco Jan 2019
When you possess the *** of gold,
We shouldn’t keep the wealth to ourselves.

The inspirational path offers fortune,
Delivering hope to the disadvantaged.

It starts by pursuing virtuous ways,
Aiding for the greater good.

Inspiring though that great action,
Providing assistance with a smile.

To spark a revolution of righteousness,
Making a difference one deed at a time.
Michael LoMonaco Jan 2019
Progress tends to hit a barrier,
As advancement to take a step backwards.

Disappointment could take us off the track,
Causing all gains to be completely lost.

Even though you take a step back,
You are still ahead by one stride.

You lose five pounds of fat by determination,
Then gain three pounds through indulging.

Succeeding doesn’t demand perfection,
But it requires you not to quit the mission.
Dec 2018 · 205
Paradise in the Mind
Michael LoMonaco Dec 2018
The scenario is unhappy one,

Frustrated with the current conditions.

Chaos is dictating the conscious,

With the devastation manufacturing pain.

Alter the nightmare by shifting gears,

Rising from the misery by envisioning bliss.

The imagination is a strong tool,

Modifying horror with peace.

Enter a place where the sun shines,

By producing visions of tranquility.

Viewing the palm trees through images,

Reaching paradise without leaving home.
Dec 2018 · 89
High on Life
Michael LoMonaco Dec 2018
That feeling doesn’t come from an evil pill,
Nor from a bottle of whisky.

This high is supplied by determination,
Winning the battle through end results.

Fighting for my right to happiness,
Climbing all the hills to reach my destination.

Combating every obstacle to advance,
Finally approaching the top of the mountain.

The war wasn’t won easily,
But willingness eventually prevailed.
Dec 2018 · 202
Michael LoMonaco Dec 2018
Anticipating the absolute worst.
Needing to escape the situation.
Xanax isn’t a pure solution.
Isolation becomes worse with time.
Everything seems out of control.
Taming abnormal fear by recognition.
Yoga is very a therapeutic approach.
An acrostic poem.
Michael LoMonaco Dec 2018
Depression doesn’t pick its victims through color,
Anxiety won’t select its casualties by ***.

The rich and poor can be picked,
As mental illness doesn’t care about money.

No matter how much strength a person possesses,
Mental illness can still prey on people.

This disease doesn’t discriminate,
Affecting anyone all across the board.
Dec 2018 · 362
Being Humble During Misery
Michael LoMonaco Dec 2018
Positive emotions are consumed by negativity,
As pessimism is running the entire show.

Staying loyal to the journey of peace is hard,
As despair can formulate immoral views.

When misery dominates the soul,
The righteous cause must live within.

Pleading an allegiance to your principles,
Faithful to virtue as you refuse to surrender to sin.
Dec 2018 · 198
Tomorrow is Another Day
Michael LoMonaco Dec 2018
Pain is part of the plan today,
As misery claims today’s tournament,
But agony didn’t win the championship.

Tomorrow is meant to be played,
One which improvement can strive,
To start another day on a happy note.

Battling the remaining hours left,
Attempting to survive torment,
Using current time to heal wounds.

Even if the sun isn’t shining,
The next day begins a fresh test,
With a chance to excel in a new exam.
Nov 2018 · 372
From Regret to Fulfillment
Michael LoMonaco Nov 2018
Disappointment stings through shame,
As remorse by immorality burns the conscience.

Remembering errors tears the soul,
Punishing yourself by visions of past sins.

Dismay from history doesn’t have to scar,
Even if previous wrongdoing can’t be repaired.

Being remorseful not for erasing guilt,
But for the sole purpose of selfless virtue.

Learning from historic moments,
Preventing mistakes from repeating.

Once wickedness is replaced by righteous ways,
Fulfillment will be built on virtuousness.
Nov 2018 · 188
Learning From History
Michael LoMonaco Nov 2018
The tradition of bad repetition is a cycle,
As harmful actions repeat the same plot.

Morals by history are not mastered,
When the tale is reliving like a rerun.

With the recognition of past mistakes,
Freewill can change the course.

Once the power to choose is recognized,
Determination will build a positive pattern.
Michael LoMonaco Nov 2018
The easy route is calling your name,
Offering an easier path to glory.

Promising a way without obstacles,
But deceitfulness is waiting at the end.

By skipping corners on the trail,
Steps are missed that will ruin the outcome.

The longer journey will possess barriers,
Yet the quest to victory will be fulfilled.

We must be patient with success,
Or else rushing will collapse progress.
Michael LoMonaco Aug 2018
Society says tears of a man shows weakness,
That the warrior can no longer fight with honor.

He lost his ability to fight with his sword,
Unable to show aggressiveness in battles.

Sorrow from lost love is a justified defense,
Agony by the torturing whip breaks the man.

Resistance from not crying drains stamina,
A war all men lose by the hardships in life.
Michael LoMonaco Aug 2018
The struggle isn’t a walk in the park,
But winning the war doesn’t require a miracle.

Saying this operation requires tough skills,
Describing talents you don’t possess.

Referring it as a suicide mission,
Stating that you will never recover.

That the quest will lead to self-grief,
Causing continuous days of misery.

You were called up for deployment,
Whether the critics like it or not.

It is a duty to take on your assignment,
Fighting for the right to success.

Because if you don’t battle in the conflict,
You will be eaten by regret your entire life.
Michael LoMonaco Aug 2018
When people insist a goal is farfetched,
Decisiveness prompts the will to excel.

Self-encouragement is on a mission,
Battling criticism by trying to succeed.

The world is in a destructive war,
Attacking on every side to beat success.

Engaging risks that can harm potential,
As threats by civilization conspires talent.

Struggling with enthusiasm to win glory,
Sparring the enemy through self-dignity.

Applying discipline to an opposed cause,
Desire for victory duels with a sharp sword.

The ambitious purpose can defeat the odds,
Not surrendering for diligence of passions.
Jul 2018 · 196
When Living with Fear
Michael LoMonaco Jul 2018
Dread can cast a shadow over confidence,
Trapping you as a prisoner pinned by fright.

Crawling underneath the isolated ditch,
Hoping that avoidance will expunge fear.

Always hiding in that tiny corner,
As valuable time is being wasted away.

That dark cloud will haunt you if not conquered,
Always inflicting terror while controlling your life.

It’s never easy to confront apprehension in the face,
But a necessary task to break free from the darkness.
Jul 2018 · 180
Focusing on What We Own
Michael LoMonaco Jul 2018
The human tendency craves a desire,
Hungry for that item we don’t possess.

Upset that we don’t own that luxurious product,
Bothered by the fact that we don’t own more.

Instead of focusing on the missing,
Cherish the valuables that currently bring joy.

We can dwell on what is absent,
But let’s be grateful for what is terrific.
Jul 2018 · 180
The Alcohol Temptations
Michael LoMonaco Jul 2018
When misery controls my cognitions,
The bottle calls my name from every direction.

Trying to lure me in at my weakest moment,
Alcohol attempts to draw me back to addiction.

The cravings are strong when I am vulnerable,
But I fought too hard to give up on a long war.

Surrendering sobriety if I get drunk,
Forfeiting the happiness I achieved over the years.

Continuing to deny the false promises of the drink,
So a bright present and future could evolve.
Michael LoMonaco Jul 2018
Always trying to break living down to a science,
Attempting to offer easiness to complexity.

Striving for an easier route to convenience,
So a difficult world can more practicable.

Unplanned events will block simplicity,
Causing disturbances of complications.

Life always throws an unexpected curve ball,
Different from that typical fastball.

We can plan ahead for a simplified approach,
But continually be ready for that nasty pitch.
Jul 2018 · 172
My Dreams
Michael LoMonaco Jul 2018
My fantasy isn’t a hyped up ambition,
One where I am scoring the winning touchdown.

The visions that I possess are normal aspirations,
To be considered average is a craving I desire.

Hungry for that typical American Dream,
When abnormalities was always the theme.

Battling for a normal life that consists of joy,
Not fighting for that big house or fancy car.

After all the struggles and despair I encountered,
Normal would be enough to satisfy my appetite.
Jul 2018 · 164
When Suicide is Considered
Michael LoMonaco Jul 2018
Misery is obstructing the road to bliss,
Blocking joy from reaching its destination.

Hardships cause despair that weakens strength,
As anguish leads to feelings of hopelessness.

We think we are powerless against agony,
Considering defeat by throwing in the towel.

Usually, desperation finds a way out of torment,
Fighting for survival with a determined sword.

Battling life’s imperfections with dedication,
Because we tend to realize that life is too precious.
Jul 2018 · 174
Stigmatism on Survival
Michael LoMonaco Jul 2018
The fortunate can harshly judge misery,
Viewing it as voluntary disease,
Not a misfortunate situation.

Surviving in this world is a difficult task,
Fighting the barriers of imperfections,
Especially when born into disadvantageous ways.

Complications produce many roadblocks,
As challenges obstruct the path to success,
Causing problems which spark complexity.

The privileged can look down on the suffering,
Claiming that everyone is responsible for one’s fate,
Yet anguish can ignite by uncontrolled external factors.

People are always fighting for survival,
No matter what social status we hold,
As life is always an eternal struggle.
Michael LoMonaco Jul 2018
When we follow the route to money,
A dangerous destination is at the end.

Believing that there is glory ahead,
Yet a miserable place is waiting.

Greed mixed with anguish is the location,
Bringing on depression instead of bliss.

If we pursue the true feelings of the soul,
We will arrive at the path to happiness.

Coins don’t possess the joy that virtue provides,
It’s the priceless things in life that offers thrills.

Search your heart for the real meaning of living,
Not gold, which can bring on more problems.
Jul 2018 · 329
Overwhelmed by Glory
Michael LoMonaco Jul 2018
Misery was always in the plot,
Telling a tale consisting of hardships.

Determination created a fast path to glory,
As the end result led to new experiences.

Feelings of joy produced intense emotions,
With the mind learning how to adapt to bliss.

Life is moving at lightning speed with thrills,
Instead of dragging out in a pit of despair.

As my cognitions are adjusting to change,
I will always fight to keep contentment alive.
Jun 2018 · 218
Equal Opportunity
Michael LoMonaco Jun 2018
All people are battling for one purpose:
Opportunity in a world full of barriers.

Unfortunately, not all chances are created equal,
As connections to money and fame can create inequality.

The struggles of life are harder than others,
When climbing up to the mountain is tougher.

Good souls suffer because of lack of resources,
And unappreciative people abuse power and fortune.

Everyone deserves options to happiness,
But imperfections will always put limitation on humans.

Let us try to create a simpler world,
Attempting to reduce complexity by opening roads.
Jun 2018 · 173
When Failing the Test
Michael LoMonaco Jun 2018
Flunking the exam shatters pride,
Smashing confidence into pieces.

Considering the easy route,
As the road to glory is blocked.

We must find a way up the wall,
Because failure isn’t an option.

If we surrender to the cause,
Progression will never be achieved.

It’s a shame when we fail the test,
But ending the quest to victory is a bigger defeat.
Jun 2018 · 273
Finally Falling in Love
Michael LoMonaco Jun 2018
Years of addiction denied romance,
As alcohol was more important than affection.

When sobriety was finally achieved,
Cravings of intimacy evolved into a strong desire.

Feeling lonely every night,
Without the bottle offering company.

Without any sign from destiny,
A wonderful woman entered my life.

Filling in that missing void,
As the puzzle to happiness is now complete.

Never realizing the exhilarating effects of fondness,
With my soul finally filled with love at age thirty-five.
Jun 2018 · 165
When Guidance is Needed
Michael LoMonaco Jun 2018
Craving the desire to travel alone,
Trying to reach the finish line without help.

The obstacle course presents threats,
As the journey becomes overbearing.

Thirst and starvation requires assistance,
With fatigue pleading for nourishment.

Requesting aid when weakness prevails,
Or when lost while seeking the destination.

Feelings of humiliation shouldn’t arise,
As desperation needs to cry out for support.

Mercy is allowed if too tired to jump hurdles,
And when confused about the direction.

Guidance is a necessity that’s required,
As imperfections on earth will always emerge.
Jun 2018 · 155
Youthful Mistakes
Michael LoMonaco Jun 2018
Learning morals from inexperience,
As young ones discover the path through mistakes.

Understanding life lessons by trial and error,
Comprehending wisdom after repercussions.

It’s a circle that keeps spinning until maturity,
Repeating errors that are uncovered by exploration.

Youths will defy authority figures with pure passion,
Or can perceive education as completely useless.

Once maturation has reached its peak,
We can usually see the ignorance of such a mindset.

To one day try to teach the right route,
Even through our children will follow the same trail.
Michael LoMonaco Jun 2018
There is no gold for the best deeds,
Sometimes, a thank you isn’t even present.

We commit virtue because it’s right,
Not for a very special prize.

There are no points for entering heaven,
Just strive to be a good person every day.

It starts with small gratitude,
Like helping the needy across the street.

Making a difference based on selflessness,
Not for earning a seat into paradise.
Michael LoMonaco Jun 2018
Limits are not an option,
Battling to complete a mission.

Throwing away the cane,
As I sprint to the finish line.

The curse of mental illnesses won’t weaken me,
Medical impairments will not slow me down.

With too many priorities to achieve,
There is no room for any fragility.

Complexity will always surround the cause,
But reason will always prevail against defects.

No disability will ever hold me back,
As I fight a war opposing disorders.
Jun 2018 · 202
Part of the plan
Michael LoMonaco Jun 2018
Devised before the moment of birth,
A blueprint was created by God.

A chain of events that will take place,
Designing a predestined future that shall occur.

These trends are all part of the plan,
Setting up a test built upon virtue.

The pattern consists of many barriers,
A journey one must complete for glory.

The trail will provide two dictions,
Providing an exam based on faith.

A road which offers darkness,
And a route that provides light.

The almighty already knows your choice,
Foreseeing the quest that’s already predicted.
Jun 2018 · 255
When Stuck in that Rut
Michael LoMonaco Jun 2018
Blissfulness has hit a brick wall,
Colliding against the barriers of hardships.

Unable to discover the joys in life,
As despair kills all of the pleasure.

Cause is misplaced by unanswered questions,
Replacing purpose with unjustified critique.

Lying in a pool filled with misery,
With motivation at a standstill.

That rut puts us in a downward spiral,
But we can certainly stand again.

In order to conquer the slump,
We must lift ourselves up from the water.
Apr 2018 · 225
Cash for Survival Only
Michael LoMonaco Apr 2018
Cash is mandatory for existence,
Using currency to survive life.

Money can’t buy me purpose,
A feeling that thrives in the soul.

Seeking out meaning that’s priceless,
Causes which gold can’t purchase.

Time is mostly spent on forming reason,
Even finding dedicated motives at work.

Wealth is secondary to devoted ambitions,
Achieving trails that secure avenues of intent.
Apr 2018 · 163
Never Keep Pain in Silence
Michael LoMonaco Apr 2018
The enemy is attacking within,
Trying to **** in order to win.

Pain covers us with blame,
Causing us to feel shame.

If we let the anguish sustain,
No causes will remain.

Allow the tears to scream,
So the problem won't ruin a dream.
Apr 2018 · 172
Against All Odds
Michael LoMonaco Apr 2018
Persistence is the fuel for success,
Ignited by the sparks of passion.

Attacked by the enemy of imperfection,
Facing hardships on every battlefront.

Dueling problems with a strong sword,
Fighting for the ultimate cause in life.

A warrior never admits defeat in battle,
No surrender in the war for excellence.

When success is finally won by glory,
The blade of victory will shine with pride.
Apr 2018 · 220
Small Steps
Michael LoMonaco Apr 2018
Traveling the long journey to glory,
Trying to reach the destination of success.

When progression is hurried by exertion,
Stamina will arrive at levels of exhaustion.

The momentum to victory requires steadiness,
Needing patience as the pace relies on mini strides.

Small steps are essential to attain greatness,
As the route to succeeding is a slow plan.

If desires to rush growth produce a craving,
Crush the urge by realizing the harms of speeding.
Apr 2018 · 109
Old Habits Die Hard
Michael LoMonaco Apr 2018
Traditional patterns form a routine,
Creating rituals that are tough to quash.

Trapped in habitual ways of dependency,
Establishing a reliance on customs.

Indulgences like smoking are rough to beat,inspirational
Poetry, poems Tendencies such as laziness are hard to crush.

In order to abolish the trends of old habits,
Self-discipline must prevail against obsession.

Even though compulsive behaviors are addictive,
Ambition to quit unhealthy desires is always possible.
Apr 2018 · 296
Rejecting Negativity
Michael LoMonaco Apr 2018
Self-encouragement can erode with negativity,
Plaguing the confidence in your own abilities.

Discouraging thoughts derive from the soul,
Or generate through external words of criticism.

A negative can be approached by positivity,
Through filtering out the toxic viewpoints.

Tackling hostile judgments requires confidence,
Crediting yourself with constructive attitudes.

Evaluating the cause with optimistic stances,
And rejecting the context related to lethal opinions.
Apr 2018 · 176
Focusing on the Good
Michael LoMonaco Apr 2018
Despair leads to lanes that unleashes hardships,
Feeling hopeless when deprived of fulfillment.

Constantly directing the attention to negativity,
Devoting countless minutes towards pessimism.

Contemplating perspectives with disturbed views,
Seeing bad when plenty of good certainly exists.

Perceptions of viewpoints must possess positivity,
Visualizing the picture with encouraging thoughts.

If darkness is currently present in the painting,
Discover ways to identify the enriching light.

Remembering the fortunes in life will lift spirits,
Helping to numb the unfortunate that inflicts stress.
Apr 2018 · 145
My Unique Attention Span
Michael LoMonaco Apr 2018
Many people glare at television for hours,
Yet sitting still for one minute is like eternity,
As my mind will travel to foreign lands.

When my brain is active by vigorousness,
I am high on the participation of cause,
Seeking out missions that provoke reason.

Each time I read or write,
I’m escaping to heavenly places,
To a paradise that excites the thinker.

Almost always active with meaning,
As my attention span thrives on results,
Spending hours on joy that grows purpose.
Mar 2018 · 222
Rising and Falling
Michael LoMonaco Mar 2018
Climbing to the top of greatness,
As glory advances to maximum performance.

The peak of the mountain is reached,
With new heights soaring to bliss.

When we rise to the greatest point,
Eventually, we will fall to the bottom.

Contentment loses its altitude,
Bringing pain as joy can’t last forever.

Each time we drop to the ground,
Surging to elevated levels can be achieved again.
Michael LoMonaco Mar 2018
The book is coming to a conclusion,
With the plot finishing its story.

Whether joy or disappointment was the theme,
A new tale must begin to continue the script of life.

Destiny is always setting up a new quest,
Creating plans which lead to another journey.

Whatever mission is next to fulfill,
Always be prepared for glory and discontent.
Mar 2018 · 164
Poisoned Decisions
Michael LoMonaco Mar 2018
The choices we act upon are crucial,
Deciding our current and future conditions.

Whenever poisoned decisions are shaped,
People erode the wanted path that we crave.

Depleting progression at a drastic speed,
Destroying the ability to optimize growth.

Progress can only grow with the right fertilizer,
So avoid the toxic options which sabotage results.
Michael LoMonaco Mar 2018
Warmth produces cheerfulness in the air,
As the soothing sun glows with optimism.

Absorbing those bright rays in perfect weather,
This season promises hope by creating bliss.

The spring thrives with upbeat moods,
Establishing joy that forms positivity.

As long as that star provides nice climates,
My day will always shine with contentment.
Mar 2018 · 177
Can’t Seem to Help Myself
Michael LoMonaco Mar 2018
On this dangerous battlefield,
Some of my soldiers become casualties.

Rushing to aid my wounded troops,
But I am also injured behind enemy lines.

Offering assistance to anyone in distress,
All while I wrap my cuts with gauze.

Helping others is an easy task,
Yet empowering myself is a hard mission.

Healing my scars is a rough assignment,
But it’s a duty that will be fulfilled with time.
Mar 2018 · 204
Does Hard Work Pay Off?
Michael LoMonaco Mar 2018
When you run that additional mile,
Is there a reward or just a pat on the back?

Each task achieved will certainly earn praise,
But the extra distance is for self-gratification.

Running the course to seek a prize,
Yet the award can’t be seen nor touched.

It’s an honor that shines inside the soul,
Working hard for that success that’s felt within.

If you are producing for someone else,
The recognition is certainly short lived.

Every time you emerge for your own glory,
An internal tribute forms that is priceless.
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