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I'm running out of time
And the clock is ticking fast
But I'm trying to erase
All the damage in my past

I'm running out of time
And these minutes never last
But the darkness that I face
Is the shadow that I cast
 Feb 2016 Sophia Louissiere
Hindi mo siguro alam, pero matagal na akong nagagandahan sa iyo.
Hindi mo siguro alam, pero noong nagko-code ako,
lagi akong umaasa na ikaw ang titingin sa gawa ko.

Hindi ko gusto pumorma.
Gusto ko lang ipakita na tama ang aking gawa
kasi iniisip ko na kapag wala akong mali
matutuwa at magpapaunlak ka ng pagkatamis **** ngiti (yihee).

Kaso hindi ko alam kung bakit,
pero lagi ka na lang may nakikitang putik.
Kahit ilang lampaso ng tingin ang ginawa ko sa code ko
bago ko ipasa sa iyo,
may maisusulat ka pa rin na mali!

Anong klaseng mata ba ang mayroon ka?
Gusto ko magpakitang-gilas pero lagi mo akong natatabla.
“Labag sa standards ang code mo”,
“magdagdag ka pa ng test scenario”
kulang na lang yata ay sabihin mo sa akin
“sino ba ang nagturo sa iyo?”

May mga pagkakataon na gusto ko nang umuwi.
Pinapackage ko na ang mga code dahil ang lalim na ng gabi.
Kaso may makikita ka sa testing, “hmm, parang may mali”
Babagsak na lang ang balikat ko, sabay sabi, “ano?! uli?!”

Siyempre, may magagawa pa ba ako
kapag binanatan mo na ako ng ganito:
“pasensya na, pero abswelto sana tayo
“kung hindi ko lang sana napansin ang maling ito”.


Pero hindi ko magawang magalit sa iyo.
Kasi alam ko gusto mo lang ay halos perpekto.
Ginagawa mo lang ang trabaho mo.
Pero utang na loob, pwede bang bukas na natin tapusin ito?

Ngayon, magsasampung taon na ako.
Matagal ka nang lumisan, pero ako pa rin ay nandito.
Naiintindihan ko na kung bakit sa trabaho nating ito,
kailangan matalim ang mga mata mo.

Dahil sa bandang huli..
Ang batik sa isang dahon,
ay batik sa buong puno.
I apologise if not everyone is going to relate that much to this poem. I am in the IT industry and peer review is part of our development process. I've had a small crush with this colleague of mine who used to work ALOT and has a strong sense of ownership of her work. I tried to impress her from time to time, but she has raised the bar so high that achieving this goal was next to impossible. I eventually gave up.

I would also like to think that at some point we still have developers in our organisation who had developed an infatuation towards their code reviewers, and I dedicate this poem to former, my fallen brethren, who failed to impress the latter.
My sweet Valentine --
loved me wild
and loved me

took my
happy fragile heart;
and held it
really high;

dropped it --
like china;
admiring the glitter of my --
now shattered, scattered heart~
 Feb 2016 Sophia Louissiere
When the door shuts
I'd stare at the mirror
carefully fix my hair
and adjust my collar.

For I want to look good
if you see me through that door.

When it hits fifteen
I'd imagine us greeting
introduce myself to you
and just say hello (it's me!)

For I want to be in your life
even if it's just a cameo.

When it hits fourteen
I'd imagine us talking
me making faces and puns
and you just laughing.

For I want to see you smile
even just for a little while.

When it opens at twelve
into a sea of butterflies my stomach would delve
I'd think of my imperfections
and how pathetic are my obsessions

For I know you won't look at me
even for just a second.

When that door opens
comes a tide of faces
I'd look out for yours
feeling excited and anxious

Will you be there?
Will you come in?

My heart would sink
as the door hits the ground
I keep on doing this
hoping I'd come around

But I didn't; I still yearn for that moment.

I hoped that by staring at your photos
I would get seasoned getting over you
Accept that for us there's no tomorrow
but why am I still drowning in sorrow?
The stalker finds it difficult to move on. Fudge.
 Feb 2016 Sophia Louissiere
I've been keeping you at bay for so long
So long that your bow is already melting
I know you wanted to sail the seas alone
and clearly I ain't keeping you from sinking.

Forgive my fingers for unfolding you
In the hopes that I can shift your view.
But the creases were already there
that if I leave you, you'll fold back, you'll repair.

So I am setting you free from my selfish hands
Now drift away, conquer new lands!
Let the tide take you, my beloved paper boat
You won't need me, but if you do, just leave a note.
And I could

never learn to

be trusting

living in a

world so full

of strangers,

but only in

love am I

drawn to the

hearts most


of dangers.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
We are always cautious and safe except when it comes to those we fall in love with and are drawn to. Love is the only exception to danger, and there's somewhat of a liking to it.
 Jan 2016 Sophia Louissiere
I look at all your pictures
Reminiscing our times together
We were inseparable creatures
I really thought we'd last forever

Remembering your smile
That always brighten my day
Hearing your sweet voice from a mile
It makes me feel okay

Sometimes I long for you
But they scream everything's fake
Still, without you my world's blue
But someday I know I'll be awake

I'll come to my senses
Realize that you and me can never be
Not even the wind can bring me happiness
For far from you I will always be

Yes, this is to my sky
The one that I can never touch
No matter how high I fly,
Down from afar will I watch...
 Jan 2016 Sophia Louissiere
It is up above the world like stars
But then you see it in the horizon
More days shall come and go
But only seems a blink away
It feels like you're getting there
When in fact you're just about to run
Within hand's reach, but you shall spend
Tireless tries to achieve it
You want to be there but frightened by the thought
Of your presence at the end
Because you won't know, you'll never know
If Death is there awaiting
Or the finish line is where
The Dawn of new beginnings...
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