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Feb 2016
When the door shuts
I'd stare at the mirror
carefully fix my hair
and adjust my collar.

For I want to look good
if you see me through that door.

When it hits fifteen
I'd imagine us greeting
introduce myself to you
and just say hello (it's me!)

For I want to be in your life
even if it's just a cameo.

When it hits fourteen
I'd imagine us talking
me making faces and puns
and you just laughing.

For I want to see you smile
even just for a little while.

When it opens at twelve
into a sea of butterflies my stomach would delve
I'd think of my imperfections
and how pathetic are my obsessions

For I know you won't look at me
even for just a second.

When that door opens
comes a tide of faces
I'd look out for yours
feeling excited and anxious

Will you be there?
Will you come in?

My heart would sink
as the door hits the ground
I keep on doing this
hoping I'd come around

But I didn't; I still yearn for that moment.

I hoped that by staring at your photos
I would get seasoned getting over you
Accept that for us there's no tomorrow
but why am I still drowning in sorrow?
The stalker finds it difficult to move on. Fudge.
Written by
derek  Philippines
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